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Today we briefly want to inform you about the latest developments:

eBlockerOS 2.6 released
In the night of March 19, 2021, all eBlockers with automatic updates enabled have been updated to eBlockerOS 2.6. Here you can find the release notes with all changes. A blog post will follow soon, where we will describe the new features in detail.

eOS runs on Raspberry Pi 3 again
The Linux kernel has been reworked in several places and first tests show that the bug we reported, which caused freezing on Raspberry Pi 3 devices, seems to be gone now. Unfortunately, we only had a very short time for testing. Therefore we now invite Raspberry Pi 3 users to test eBlockerOS 2.6 together with us. Please use the eBlockerOS 2.6 image for testing. If you experience any crashes or other unknown errors, please report them in this forum post.

Status Development Personal Device Firewall (PDFW)
The conception of the PDFW, which is sponsored by the German DEVK insurances, is progressing well and we have now finished the mockups (sketches of the user interface) in a first version besides first prototypical developments. But there is still a lot to do and we hope to present a first, early version mid year.

Linux Days Chemnitz - a great event
Last weekend we were present at the virtual Linux Days in Chemnitz Germany. Our team of volunteers had put together a great program with talks, discussions and workshops. The response from the Linux community was overwhelming. We continuously had more than 15 participants at the booth and at the peak even almost 30 guests. All in all, we are very happy about the terrific feedback and the very good discussions.
Our special thanks go to the organizers of the Linux Days, who did a great job and invited us free of charge. But simply unbelievable was the commitment from the circle of eBlocker supporters. Especially @valentin and @pio78 had worked out workshops and led discussions and made the event a great success. Thanks again for the outstanding effort!

Facts and figures
After we've started the open source project about a year ago, we would like to share some key figures with you today:
The eBlocker team already counts 20 members from Germany, Switzerland, Spain and UK. Our website has on average about 500 visitors per day (without bots). eBlockerOS is downloaded almost 1.000 times per month and well over half of them get activated. Over 1,000 users are registered on the website and we have almost 3,400 posts on the forum. Around 1,300 donors have donated almost 2,200 times so far - individual donors up to 20 times and the biggest donor donated almost 1,000 euros in total. 50 permanent donors make regular automated donations and the average donation amount is 42 euros across all donations. Thanks to this commitment, we have almost always been able to completely cover our operating costs and thus closed 2020 with a slim "black zero".

Current donation goal
Our current donation goal to cover costs in Q1 is at about 70% unfortunately still behind target. We would be very happy if we could reach 100% in March, so that we can continue to provide updates and daily filter lists for everyone free of charge in the long term.

At this point we would like to thank again all previous donors - and especially the big and permanent donors as well as sponsors, without whom our project could not exist. THANK YOU!

Our commitment is unbroken and for us the greatest feedback is your thanks and the many good words. This motivates us very much to continue and we would like to express our sincere thanks for your mental as well as monetary support!

Best regards from Hamburg
Boris, Christian & the whole eBlocker team
eBlocker Open Source UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Hudtwalckertwiete 10
22299 Hamburg


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