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Just in time for the beginning of the month, eBlocker reveals the great news: "Google is now sponsoring us," says eBlocker co-founder Christian Bennefeld and continues: "Until now, we have been dependent on donations from our community and have barely been able to cover the operating costs of our non-profit project." With Google's investment, this is now set to change. Marginal changes will soon have to be accepted by eBlocker users as well.

What will change?
Thanks to the sponsoring in an undisclosed billion amount, Google will now exclusively receive the entire surfing history, all bank data and account balances as well as current psychological and sexual problems of all eBlocker users automatically. A Google spokesman said: "We were very annoyed that we could not spy on eBlocker users until now. Despite our omnipotence, we simply could not outsmart the sophisticated blocking techniques. Therefore, the current step is strategically important and a big milestone in Google's history. Real privacy simply may not exist on the Internet!"

Sponsorship saves the data giants
After all, Google & Co. would have been doomed to a quick demise if eBlocker had continued to spread so rapidly and thus deprived the data giants of their business basis. Gone would be the beautiful world in which one is chased by laxatives or turned away at the border as a political dissenter. But online retailers also benefit: they can now use personality profiles of eBlocker users for dynamic prices again and thus maximize profit at the expense of their customers.

Initial reactions from the industry
"Fundamental rights, such as informational self-determination, only interfere with our money-making. Privacy, after all, only benefits terrorists - as well as opposition figures and other pests who have something to hide," said the publishing director of a major German newspaper, who prefers to remain anonymous. "Data is the oil of our industry and we have long lost respect for our readers' privacy anyway. So Google's move comes just in time before the eBlocker spreads further and we run out of oil."

Annoyance for Google?
But whether it really comes to the sponsoring by Google, Bennefeld leaves alone to the community: "For Q1 we lack only approximately 2,000 Euros for covering costs. If these are still donated over Easter, the deal is off the table again." Surely to the great annoyance of Google & Co...
Thank you for your annoyance - and for not letting it get that far. Together we are stronger than the data giants!

Sunny greetings and a good start into April 😉
Boris, Christian & the whole eBlocker team

PS: Please find the announced blog post about the new eBlockerOS 2.6 features here
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