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Today we have again a lot of good news for you:

Bugfix release eOS 2.5.8
In the night of November 26th 2020 all eBlockers that are enabled for automatic updates have been updated to the latest release. This will especially fix some bugs that have been reported by the community. At the same time we have managed to shrink the daily filter updates. Because especially white cube eBlocker and Raspberry 3 devices can sporadically freeze updates with large filter lists. We therefore recommend not to add large additional blocker lists to these devices. All details can be found in the release notes.

Planning next version eBlockerOS 2.6
For even more transparency and an better involvement of the community, there is now an overview of planned, running and completed implementations on Github. The technical overview is primarily aimed at the developer community. Feature ideas can be shared in the Feature Request Forum. We will then successively transfer them into the technical version planning.

eBlocker team continues to grow - also internationally
We are very happy to have further supporters in the team: @grmon now supports us in graphic and user interface design and @lcastrillo is our first ambassador in Spain. With @tomy we have grown further in Switzerland and maybe colleagues from the Netherlands and Italy will join us soon... Great to have you with us!
You want to participate as well? Then we are looking forward to you: voluntary@eBlocker.org

DuckDuckGo lists extended
Our valued Swiss colleague @mainzelM was again very busy and has further improved the DuckDuckGo filter lists. Now there are updated, country-specific blocker lists you can easily add to your eBlocker. Also, advanced malware filters from public sources are in preparation, which we are currently testing.

eBlockerOS in German LINUX and Dutch c't magazine
We are excited about the good test reviews in the current German LINUX magazine and the Dutch c't (printed edition only). eBlockerOS is distributed with the LINUX magazine also via the magazine's DVD to the Linux community. Thanks, dear editors for the great support!

Current donation goals
To cover operating costs, we are currently still quite behind the Q4 donation target. At the same time we would like to point out again the IPv6 implementation, which we can start as soon as we get closer to the target. Now anonymous donations via Paypal in USD are also possible, where no further data is required.
In any case, we would be very happy about more momentum in the pre-Christmas period: After all, eBlocker Open Source will turn one year old on December 23rd 😊

Financing by sponsors
Currently we have "two strings to one's bow" in order to finance eBlocker also via sponsors and patrons to gain more speed. Hopefully we will be able to announce first good news as early as next month.

Further growth
All in all, we are incredibly happy about the continued - also international - growth of about 1,000 downloads per month and the terrific user feedback. Welcome to the eBlocker Community! Spread the word further... further 😉

Thank you very much for your great support in these difficult times!

All the very best
Boris, Christian & the whole eBlocker team
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