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Just in time for Easter, we would like to inform you about new developments at the eBlocker Open Source project - and we also have a great Easter surprise:

Raspberry 4 Image (for eBlocker DIY)
The eBlockerOS image for Raspberry 4 is now available for download in an alpha version. Since the image is based on a completely new "foundation", it might not be as stable as the images for other mini computers. Therefore, a complete reinstallation may be necessary for further updates/bugfixes. For this reason, we only recommend testing the image for the time being. Please post bugs and suggestions only via the forum.

Next Steps eBlocker Development (for all devices)
The new Raspberry 4 image is already based on the latest operating system software "Debian Linux 10: Buster". The current eBlockerOS for all other devices is based on "Debian Linux 8: Jessie". For an update from Debian 8 to Debian 10, however, an intermediate step via Debian 9 is necessary. The migration to the latest version during operations is therefore much more complex and we are planning the first step of the two-step update in early May.

eBlocker Helps in Times of Corona
Corona affects us all, but eBlocker users have two particular advantages in the crisis that may not be known by everyone:
  1. If you work in your home office, you can enter your company's VPN in eBlocker as VPN. This way you are connected to the company network without the need for additional software on the individual devices (OpenVPN compatible company VPN required).
  2. Even if you are not at home, for instance when caring for relatives, you can always access your entire home network thanks to eBlocker Mobile. For example to download pictures, music, videos or important documents from your media server.
Of course your data is always being encrypted, so that you are well protected even in difficult times. You can find information about the setup in the user manual.

New Homepage, Feature Overview & Functionality (on German site)
We have redesigned and optimized the content of the homepage and numerous sub-pages on the German presence of www.eBlocker.org. Many thanks to all involved! You can now also find more information on how eBlocker works (in German still). At the same time, we are in the process of migrating the previous blog magazine "eBlogger" from .com to .org and plan to shut down the eBlocker.com domain shortly, as soon as all English pages are completed. If you would like to get involved with us in the content area (also in English), please contact us: voluntary@eBlocker.org

Current Donation Status / Continuation of the Project
We are very happy about your donations and would like to thank you again! For Q2, however, we have so far only been able to cover about one third of the costs for security maintenance. Without further cost coverage, we will not be able to support the project on our own for much longer and would have to stop active software maintenance next month.

Today we receive an average of 31€ per donor, but unfortunately only a very small fraction of eBlocker users donate at all. In the commercial past, an eBlocker annual license was priced at 59€ or 79€ - with practically the same scope of services as today. If everyone who uses eBlocker would donate at least half of the original license costs, funding would be secured in the long run.

We would therefore like to invite you once again to donate for the project and its continuation. And the good news: From now on, regularly recurring donations via Paypal are also possible if you want to donate monthly or quarterly. Further payment options by credit card are also planned.

New Features - More Developers Wanted
With the Raspberry 4 release, we have almost all software tools and automations in place, so that other developers can more easily participate in the development. We are working hard to expand the developer documentation and would be very pleased if you would like to develop eBlocker further with us: voluntary@eBlocker.org

Grassroot Marketing: Anyone can Join
Even though the amount of donations is still below expectations, our user base is growing rapidly. The more people use eBlocker, the faster the project will develop and establish itself in the long term.

You can also contribute to this by making eBlocker known in your environment, posting in relevant forums (such as reddit.com) or in Social Media and we will gain more and more followers through this "Grassroot Marketing".

Contribute and Support
You would like to join us - no matter if in public relations, as a developer or elsewhere? Then get in touch with us: voluntary@eBlocker.org

The more people learn about the eBlocker Open Source project, the faster we will jointly create a free, self-determined Internet without data collectors and dangers.

Thank you for your support and for using eBlocker!

Best regards from Hamburg and happy Easter
Boris, Christian and the whole eBlocker team

PS: Please avoid support e-mails or questions about "When will feature XYZ be released". Every answer keeps us from working on the project and slows us down. We inform all users simultaneously via newsletter and forum. Only there you will get answers to your questions. Thanks!
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