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today we are happy to announce the latest news at eBlocker Open Source.

eBlockerOS now Open Source
The eBlocker software is now available on GitHub as Open Source Software and we're looking forward to the feedback and collaboration with our growing community.

Many thanks, dear supporters
At this point we would like to thank all our supporters once again very, very much. Your kind words with the donations motivate us every day anew. The support and development team is growing just like the number of supporters in other areas. You are fantastic!

iOS App temporarily not available
Due to the change from eBlocker GmbH to the eBlocker Open Source project, the iOS app, which facilitates the initial installation, must again pass through the Apple testing process. We hope that this process will soon be completed and the app will then be available again - of course free of charge.

Next milestone: Raspberry 4 support
The next big milestone is an eBlockerOS image for the Raspberry 4, which is also compatible to older Raspberry models. The underlying operating system will also be upgraded to the latest version (Debian Buster). The release is planned for early March and we are looking forward to support from the community.

Please contribute or donate for English support
We were super happy to get the initial project funding mainly by our German speaking community. Unfortunately support and donations from our English community is far behind expectations. We'd love to expand worldwide but dual language support needs twice the time for communication and is therefore always a bit delayed. If you speak both languages and like to support our English community with content adaption (newsletters, website, application) or if you want to donate for the project please help us. Thank you so much!

Tell a friend
Finally, we'd like to refer you to our latest press release (German only). If you know journalists, run a blog or post in forums: Feel free to tell about our project and distribute the press release in your circles.

The more people know about the eBlocker Open Source Project, the faster we will create a free, self-determined Internet without data collectors and dangers.

Thank you for your support and for using eBlocker!

All the best,
Boris, Christian and the whole eBlocker Open Source Team

PS: If you have questions, wishes or found bugs, please solely use our forum at https://eBlocker.org/community
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