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Before we talk about all the improvements, we would like to answer two common questions:

What's the Open Source target audience & Does my eBlocker get updates?
Our eBlockerOS is now available as Open Source Software on GitHub. This is exclusively for developers who want to develop the eBlocker software with us.
For all "normal" eBlocker users who use an eBlocker device (no matter which model) or a do-it-yourself eBlocker, this is not relevant. You will get all updates of filters and software automatically - as long as we can cover the costs for further operation with donations (see below).

eBlocker in the German Press
We have received positive feedback on our German press release from numerous computer magazines and look forward to publications in Mac Life, Computer Bild and PC Welt. Both Computer Bild and PC Welt will also make the eBlockerOS Image available on their magazine DVDs or publish it online. We are also looking for supporters for further press and public relations work. Please contact us, dear copywriters, journalists and multipliers (see below).

Status Website Improvements
As you may have noticed, we have revised the website in many places, consolidated the menus and created a new login area. Together with community volunteers, we are currently also reworking the website content to better communicate the benefits of eBlocker and our goals. Anyone who wants to contribute is happily invited to get in touch.

New Parental Controls Blacklist Filter
A list of categorized websites (so-called squidblacklist), which we had licensed in the past for our blacklist filter, has unfortunately been discontinued by the operator. But with Blacklists UT1 we have found a very good and above all free alternative.
Logo Bundesprüfstelle jugendgefährdende Medien
We have also signed a new contract for the use of the youth protection list from the German authorities "Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien (BPjM)". This list contains all "indexed" and unsuitable websites for minors - primarily for German spoken markets.

Blacklists UT1 and the BPjM list are already integrated and included in the daily automatic updates. This ensures that the young surfers continue to be very well protected.

Status Malware Protection Filter
We are currently still in negotiations with Malware Patrol to re-license the filters for protection against malware and phishing. We hope that we will be able to obtain the technology at more favorable conditions than in the commercial eBlocker past. Once the contracts are signed and we have received enough donations, we will automatically integrate the filters with the daily updates.

Status Raspberry 4 and Security Updates for all eBlocker Devices
For all eBlocker DIY enthusiasts we plan to release a new eBlockerOS image for Raspberry Pi 4 at the end of March. This will be based on the latest operating system version (technically: Debian Linux Buster) and include all released security updates.
For all users of other eBlocker devices we also plan to migrate to the latest Linux OS version. However, this update is technically much more complex, so that we will probably not be able to make it available until the end of April as part of the security maintenance. If we do not receive sufficient donations, this will unfortunately be the last security update for the time being.

Donation Status and Continuation of the Project
We are very happy about the great response to our project and would like to thank again for the many new users, your involvement and your donations. Unfortunately, donations for continuous security maintenance are still behind the donation target. We are afraid that without further donations, we will have to suspend the maintenance soon and the security of the eBlocker will not be permanently guaranteed.

We would like to emphasize again that we put a ton of voluntary work into this project, are operating on an extremely tight budget and are not making any profits. Please understand that we cannot fund the project alone. Therefore we would like to invite you once again to join us and/or donate.

New Features - More Developers Welcome
We are very happy about many creative feature ideas in the forum. Open Source Software is based on the idea that voluntary developers pick up and implement the feature requests. In the core team we gladly coordinate the further development on a voluntary basis. However, we have absolutely no capacity to develop new features. The frequently asked question, when a new feature will be released, can only be answered with "once a developer volunteers to implement it". If you are a developer and like to participate, please contact us (see below).

Fundraising for Features
We understand that volunteer developers cannot contribute to the project completely unpaid if they spend a lot of time on it. Therefore we offer to start fundraising for individual features, which will be made available exclusively to the respective developer (team) as compensation. Please send us an email with your cost estimate for a feature and we will put it on the website accordingly. Maybe this will help to develop new features together faster?

Grassroots Marketing: Everyone is Invited
The idea to run eBlocker supported by the community will work better the more people get to know and love eBlocker. You can contribute to this by making eBlocker known in your environment, by posting in relevant forums (such as reddit.com) or in Social Media and we will gain more and more followers through this "grassroots marketing".

Contribute and Support
You would like to be part of our team - no matter if in public relations, as a developer or elsewhere? Then get in touch: voluntary@eBlocker.org
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The more people know about the eBlocker Open Source Project, the faster we will create a free, self-determined Internet without data collectors and dangers.

Thank you for your support and for using eBlocker!

All the best,
Boris, Christian and the whole eBlocker Open Source Team
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