How to Contribute.

Collaborate with the Team

Our project is supported by an interdisciplinary team of volunteers. We are privacy enthusiasts, IT security specialists and data protection experts who are committed to a free and anonymous Internet for everyone.

If you would like to contribute, please contact us:

We have tasks in all areas: from software development and quality assurance to public relations or graphic design.

We are very much looking forward to your ideas and engagement!

The Alternative

Donate for the Operation

eBlocker is a non-profit project, which is exclusively funded by donations. We have no permanent employees, no costly offices and no expensive marketing.

Nevertheless, we have costs for the operation of the server infrastructure, software maintenance and licenses for protection filters, which we license from various partners.

All donations are exclusively for the benefit of the project and you can donate for the goals you want to support.

With your donation you contribute so that everyone can surf anonymously for free and protect themselves from internet dangers. And if you are one of them, you will help yourself 😉

Thanks to our great community, we have been able to cover all operating costs through donations so far and thus keep the project going.

Terrific, if you also contribute to it!

Thank you so much for your support!

Current Funding Goals

Anonymous Donation

Donate anonymously via Paypal

We do not receive any data from you.
You will receive a receipt via your Paypal account.

Next to this general project funding you can donate to individual project tasks. Due to technical restrictions individual funding is available in German only. We appreciate your generosity and will use your donation wisely.

Thanks List: Our Great Donors

For security reasons, only a selection of donors is displayed. Please note that donor comments will be displayed “as is” in the language of the donor.

Harald Mohr


Macht weiter so…

Georg Libera


Macht bitte weiter so!

Stefan Hänsch


Vielen Dank für euren Einsatz in Sachen Privacy – keep up the good work!



Keep up the good work.

Marcus Hammermeister


Frohe Ostern !!!

Thomas Schönenberger


Bitte bleibt so und schützt die Benutzer auch weiterhin vor den Datenkraken.

Dieter Baer


für den Aprilscherz

Uwe Porschke


Wow, beim lesen des aktuellen Newsletters ist mir am Anfang echt kurz das Herz stehen geblieben 🙂 Wünsche enstpannte und googlefreie Osterfeiertage fürs eiBlocker Team 🖖🏼🥚🤙🏼

Markus Keller


Sehr guter Aprilscherz eurer Newsletter 😉 wir brauchen Produkte wie eBlocker! Daher nochmals gespendet. Ihr macht eine tolle Arbeit!

Stefan Sumacher


Macht weiter so



Danke für euer unermüdliches Engagement für mehr Privatsphäre!!

Werner Klose


Spende für eBlocker

Hans-Peter Mayer


Erhalte ich denn regelmäßig Updates, wie kann ich das sehen?

Jürgen Ripperger


Ich spende immer wieder gerne für dieses tolle Projekt. 👍👍

Christoph Keßler


Viel Erfolg!

Markus Herrmann


Thema Datenschutz wird immer wichtiger, deshalb bitte weiter so. Zum Glück gibt es noch Leute wie Euch.



Bitte bleibt weiter am Ball. Gesunde, viele gesunde Grüße!

Mirko Kaiser


Vielen Dank für euer Projekt, macht weiter so!

Felix Mareyen


Ich habe diese Projekt "leider" erst Anfang dieses Jahres entdeckt. Macht weiter so !! Vielen Dank für eure Arbeit !!

David Nollert


Gute Arbeit, macht weiter so!

Many thanks to all donors!

April 2021: Good News
eBlockerOS 2.6 released & Q1 donation goal reached

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