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We are very pleased that we got only good news for you today:

eBlockerOS 2.5 for "white cubes" available
After the beta-test went very smoothly (thanks to all testers for the great support!), the eBlockerOS 2.4.10 update for the white cubes is available now. This update is the prerequisite for the actual upgrade to eOS 2.5 and is installed automatically if automatic updates are enabled. Only after updating to eOS 2.4.10 you can start the upgrade to the latest version 2.5.6 via "Settings>License & Update".

The upgrade may take a long time and the internet connection will be interrupted in the process. Therefore, we recommend starting the upgrade if the Internet is not used for at least one hour. The upgrade must be started manually in any case.

eOS 2.5.6 also available for Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi M2+
For Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi M2+ users we have also already provided new eBlockerOS images for download. An upgrade from eOS 2.4.x is only possible by installing a new SD image. If you already use eOS 2.5.x beta, your eBlocker will automatically upgrade to eOS 2.5.6 (or higher) if automatic updates are enabled. This also applies to all beta testers with a "white cube".

eOS for transparent eBlockers
If you still use an eBlocker in a transparent acrylic case, now is the time for a new device. The five year old pre-series devices have cult status, but unfortunately today they have too little processing power and memory, so that we can no longer support them. Building an eBlocker with a Raspi yourself is not more difficult than inserting an SD card into a camera and connecting it to the power supply. Just try it out... and the community will help you in any case 😊

Bye, commercial past. Thanks, dear community!
With this upgrade, we are very happy to finally leave the commercial eBlocker past behind us. eBlockerOS 2.5 is now completely based on the public open source code, which is now unified for all devices again (see release notes). This change would not have been possible without the great support from our developer community. Our very special thanks go to @mainzelM, @CalimerO, @Valentin and @Pio78. Without them we would never have made such fast progress. But we also thank very much all other, here unnamed voluntary supporters. You are really awesome!

Funding goal achieved: The Swiss did it!
After the appeal for donations in the last newsletter, we have even reached 111% of the Q3 funding goal. This means that we can not only finance the Q3 costs, but also cover a large part of the funding deficit from the past. Many thanks to all donors!

This time our very special appreciation goes to Switzerland. Because especially the Swiss have drawn our attention through repeated and very high amounts. Today it's clear: Without the great support from the alpine republic, we would not have reached the Q3 goal. Thank you so much dear Swiss, you really understand what privacy and anonymity mean in today's world! Spread the word 😉

Next steps
With eBlockerOS 2.5, we have now created a unified code base for all devices, where we have also automated numerous steps and eliminated many technical "legacy" issues. The optimal conditions for new features have now been established.

Currently, the request for IPv6 support (the next generation Internet Protocol) has the most votes in the Feature Request Forum. Closely followed by the demand to hide all ads and even cookie banners (even if they cannot be blocked technically).

Unfortunately, the IPv6 feature is far too complex to be implemented "on the side" during software maintenance, requiring about one person-month of full-time implementation time. We therefore plan to outsource this feature to a freelance developer and cover the costs of this feature through a feature fundraising (available in German only). Unfortunately, nobody in the volunteer developer team can take on this mammoth task and we will not be able to start implementation until the feature costs are fully covered.

Within the scope of normal software maintenance, we plan to implement the smaller feature requests. For this purpose, we are coordinating in detail with the community developers and will provide information shortly in the forum and via newsletter.

And the Q4 costs?
Our above-mentioned ambitions for financing major features are completely independent of covering the running costs. The fundraising campaign to cover the Q4 costs started in early October and is looking forward to active funding. On the donation form you can find out what the costs include and why we only receive 6,40€ from a 10€ donation to cover costs.

Contribute actively
Are you interested in developing eBlocker or would you like to get involved in other areas? Then we are looking forward to you and your email to voluntary@eblocker.org

We are highly motivated in continuing to operate eBlocker, constantly enhancing the technology and turning our vision of a free, anonymous Internet for everyone into reality. We continue to work at full throttle and hope that our idea will find more and more supporters by spreading the word.

Thank you very much for being part of it and supporting our project!

Best wishes from Hamburg
Boris, Christian and the whole eBlocker team
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22299 Hamburg


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