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Donation Total: 50€ One Time

Your donation supports our project in general and makes sure the eBlocker technology can be maintained, run continuously and will sustain on a long term.

Using your donation we can provide free software updates and daily blocking-filter updates as well as run the necessary server infrastructure (i.e. eBlocker mobile DNS, update servers,…) and fund the project administration.

We’ll spend your donations very wisely and for project goals only as we work strictly non-profit.

Good to know
From a 10€ donation we only receive 5.80€ unfortunately. Every donation will be deducted 19% VAT and 3% payment commission. In addition there are fixed costs per transaction of about 0,50€ for Bank/Paypal/Stripe plus 1,50€ booking costs.
From 3 * 10€ donations we have only 17,40€ available to cover costs. However, with 1 * 30€ donation remains 21,40€ a plus of 4€ more.

Due to these high transaction costs, we can not accept donations of less than 10€ unfortunately.