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Before we get to the good news about the eBlockerOS 2.5 beta test status for the "white cubes", an important note in advance:

Donation Volume Too Low: Project Continuation Endangered
We invest lots and lots of free time and energy to bring our project to life, to improve eBlocker continuously and to offer everyone a free high-end technology, which has cost many man-years and millions of Euros to develop.

Today we run eBlocker altruistically and on a voluntary basis. Therefore we have very low operating costs of around 4,000 Euros per month.

Despite tens of thousands of users and continuous growth, the current donation income is too low to cover even these minimal costs. A non-profit project means we do not want to make a profit. However, it does not mean constantly losing money and covering the deficit privately.

By June alone, the deficit has already amounted to over -2,000 Euros. For Q3 only about 20% of the target has been donated so far - another 10,000 Euros are still missing to cover the costs.

Despite all our idealism, we can no longer afford to invest massive amounts of money in the operation in addition to our free time. We hope that everyone understands this.

Today we therefore see three options for the future:
  1. Donation willingness increases significantly.
  2. We convert eBlocker into a payment model.
  3. We discontinue the project.

Because the government is not protecting us, we believe it is important to be able to defend ourselves digitally in our networked society. This should also be possible for low-income earners who fight for their livelihood on a daily basis. We would therefore be very pleased if we could continue to offer eBlocker free of charge for everyone in the future with Option 1.

Now you can help decide which way eBlocker will go in the future and make your contribution:
Even if you cannot donate, please help us to grow. We would be very happy if you would tell three friends about eBlocker which in turn tell their friends. We hope this will start a user growth avalanche in the long run 😊

Beta Test eOS 2.5 for "White Cubes" Starts
After intensive troubleshooting and great teamwork, we have now found the cause of the instabilities and fixed them. The reason was a CPU clock rate that was too high by default due to the new operating system, which caused sporadic memory errors on some devices, which in turn made the entire system unstable.

All preparations for the eBlockerOS 2.5.x white cube upgrade are now complete. We are now looking for brave beta testers who want to be the first to test the upgrade and report errors quickly. During the upgrade all settings should be taken over - if nothing goes wrong 😉

ATTENTION: Of course we have already successfully tested the upgrade in our team. However, due to individual settings and unforeseen circumstances, it can also lead to serious errors for other users. The worst case scenario, which unfortunately cannot be ruled out, would be that eBlocker does not run at all anymore. In this case, the eBlocker can only be restored after the beta upgrade with considerable technical effort, including opening the device and removing the circuit board.

The eOS 2.5 beta upgrade is therefore only recommended for brave, technically skilled hobbyists. Less technically skilled users are asked to wait until the beta test is finished and the final version is released.

beta-Test Participation
If you want to participate in the beta test, you can find upgrade instructions here. Please share questions or bug reports about the beta version exclusively via the forum, as we cannot answer individual e-mails.

Outlook: Final Upgrade Release
As soon as we have received positive feedback from the beta testers and the upgrade is running smoothly everywhere, we will activate it for automated download. If all goes well, this will be at the end of September. Your eBlocker will notify you automatically and you can start the upgrade at a time that suits you best.

All Raspberry Pi eBlockers will be updated to the final version with the release, so that all eBlocker devices will have the same software version. Your Raspi still uses eOS 2.4? Then it's time for the upgrade.

Last Update?
If the above donation appeal does not provide sufficient funds to cover the entire Q3 costs, this will unfortunately be our last update for now. We would regret this very much and thank you for your understanding and support!

Greetings from Hamburg
Boris, Christian and the whole eBlocker team
eBlocker Open Source UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Hudtwalckertwiete 10
22299 Hamburg


Geschäftsführer/General Manager:
Dipl.-Math. Christian Bennefeld
Sitz/Registered office: Hamburg
Register: Amtsgericht Hamburg, HRB 160491
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