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[Bugs] White Cube eOS 2.5 BETA upgrade

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Please find the upgrade instructions here: GermanEnglish

If you have upgraded your WHITE CUBE to eOS 2.5.x BETA and experience bugs, issues or some strange behavior: This thread is for you 😀 

Please tell us step by step how to reproduce the issue. Do not post Diagnosis Reports unless requested by the team.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hello everybody,
I updated the eBlocker to 2.5.4 - everything went so smoothly, but I seem to have a wrong date. In the dashboard, the update date is June 2nd, 2020, as well as in the settings in the update window (see screenshot).

2.5.4 update date
Update: after rebooting the eBlocker, the date now seems to be correct. (see screenshot 2)
 2.5.4 update date correct

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Just disable and reenable eBlocker as DNS Firewall in the Settings -> DNS-Firewall

Then restart the eBlocker and check the date under System > Events



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White Cube updated flawlessly to OS 2.5.4 at release date 11.09.2020

the cube had lifetime Pro license activated

yesterday i performed a full reset  and after that no acivation possible

can't update nor activate license (after the full reset)

The message say: eBlocker activation service cannot be reached. You may continue without activation

connected to a FritzBox 7530 and i have access to internet 

tried different DNS settings

several reboots

and i tried network mode automatic and network mode individual/expert

no success

Is there a problem with the activation service  / activation server ?

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we had an issue with an expired certificate on the activation server.

Could you try again, please?


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Hi all

just to let you know: I have upgraded a couple of days ago. And I delighted with the upgrade. My VPN, my biggest issue, works. I only noticed on VPN drop in connection, but it did not crash, and it only happened once as far as I know. So far, I am very happy with the progress of this update. Keep it up, you are doing the right thing with the right quality. And to migrate to a new platform is anything else than easy.... 

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@gregor Thanks for sharing.

I took the freedom to join your post to the corresponding bug thread in case more people find VPN unstable. They might show up here 😉 



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