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today we would like to inform you about the news of the last weeks and are especially happy about the first topic:

Malware filters from Malware Patrol will be integrated
We have successfully completed the financing of the Malware Filter costs. Many thanks to all donors! With Malware Patrol we are happy to now offer exactly the same protection the commercial eBlocker had. Thanks to Malware Patrol, you are automatically protected against a variety of malware on all devices. In addition, we use other filter providers in combination to protect you against phishing and other Internet dangers. You will receive the new filters automatically with the daily filter updates as soon as they are integrated in the next few days. You do not need to do anything.

eBlockerOS 2.5.x functional complete / beta test for all Raspberry Pi
Over the past weeks we have been working hard to adapt features that were not yet working on the latest operating system (debian Buster). Now almost all features are available, eBlockerOS runs very stable and we will be starting beta testing next week. We invite all owners of a Raspberry Pi (version 2 or higher) to join us. As soon as the beta version is available, we will inform you in the forum and update the download page accordingly. Please don't send us e-mail requests. Feedback on the beta-version is only possible via the forum. Thank you!

Status for updating existing eBlocker devices
The prerequisites for an update of all commercial eBlocker devices (white cubes) are now complete with the completion of the features for 2.5.x. We are currently investigating the possibility to update all devices to the latest version with only one update. In the worst case, however, two major updates will be necessary, which will result in double the effort and time for implementation, for us as well. We therefore favor the faster, albeit technically more complex way. As a user you do not have to do anything manually in any of the cases. Your eBlocker will let you know as soon as the update is available and will then ask for your confirmation. Of course we'll inform all users beforehand via newsletter and the forum. Again, please don't ask us when the update is coming, because every request holds us back from working on eBlocker and slows us down.

Website improvements
We have now developed a Privacy Check that allows you to verify that your eBlocker is protecting you. We have also made the download page and some content more intuitive and donations are now possible by credit card as well. Shortly we will also offer Apple Pay, so that we will soon support all common payment methods - also for recurring donations.

Thanks to donors and contributors
In this context we would like to thank all our supporters once again very, very much. Special thanks go to our donors, who help us to cover the costs and continue the project.
But we are also pleased about the many ideas and the active participation in the project team: From support in the forum, improvements on the website to the further development of the technology and also in public relations, every supporter provides a very important contribution.
Thank you all for being there and supporting eBlocker. You are just great!

No Corona help for eBlocker
The Corona crisis is a burden on all of us - and eBlocker is also affected, because unfortunately the donations are declining and only a fraction of the costs for Q2 have been covered so far. Nevertheless, we have decided not to use government aid, as other people need it more urgently. At eBlocker no jobs are endangered (because we work voluntarily) and as an Open Source project the software will survive this crisis. Only the availability of updates in the future is uncertain in the lack of donations - but we hope for further support and invite everyone to participate. Here you can find information on how to contribute.

Meeting with supporters in Hamburg
Originally we had planned a meeting of the eBlocker supporters in Hamburg for mid-March, which is already covered thanks to your donations (Yupi!). Unfortunately, Corona has thwarted our plans, but we hope to announce a new date for the meeting in the Supporter Forum soon.

Become an eBlocker country ambassador
As a non-profit project, which has no budget for marketing or public relations, we are solely dependent on word-of-mouth propaganda for further growth. In the future, "eBlocker Ambassadors" shall play an important role in the individual countries in order to grow internationally. As ambassador, you are a die-hard eBlocker fan and actively involved in making eBlocker better known in your country. You will use social media channels, relevant forums and, if necessary, the press to present the problem of personality profiling and the solution with eBlocker. As an ambassador you are part of the project team, you get access to the Supporter Forum and receive all information about new developments in advance of everyone else. We would be happy if you would join us in public relations and volunteer as an ambassador. Interested? Then get in touch with us: ambassador@eblocker.org

At the end of the day, eBlocker will last in the long run, the more users we gain - and we are sure that we can do this together!

Best regards from Hamburg
Boris, Christian and the whole eBlocker team

PS: Currently we have a small survey about language skills in the forum to which we would like to invite you. Based on the survey, we will decide whether we will continue to also provide eBlocker help in German in addition to English.
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