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We have accomplished a lot again since our last newsletter, but unfortunately we have to start with a topic of concern:

Donation results 2020
After the overwhelming response to the launch of our open source project early last year, we were very confident that we would be able to cover the operating costs through donations alone. We succeeded in doing so in almost all quarters thanks to the great support from the community. However, we were unfortunately only able to cover 79% of the costs for Q4 2020. Even though the financial statement for 2020 is not yet finalized, we still hope to break even due to cost shifts and thanks to good negotiation.

Donation levels too low
Because of the continuing low donation response (about 12% for Q1 has only been reached), we would like to invite all users once again to support the project. The worst case would be that we stop our continuous support and only provide updates rarely or not at all. Unfortunately, the sponsorship by the German DEVK insurance doesn't change this situation either, because although they sponsor the upcoming feature "Personal Device Firewall", the sponsoring doesn't cover the running costs.

We would like to push the project further and would therefore be very happy if you would engage yourself together with us for privacy protection or donate for the operation!
If you can't support the project at the moment, we understand. But it would be great if you recommend eBlocker to others, because spreading the word also helps us a lot 😊

eBlockerOS 2.6 about to be released
The new eBlockerOS version is ready except for minor polishing and is currently being tested internally by us. We hope to release eOS 2.6 at the beginning of March 2021. A foretaste of the features and improvements is available in the release notes already. All technical details (for developers) can be found here. For the final release we will also publish a newsletter and blogpost explaining all the new features on a less technical level.

Raspberry Pi 3 status
As reported, a bug in the current Linux kernel causes eBlockerOS to freeze sporadically on the Raspberry Pi 3. Unfortunately we cannot fix this bug on our level and reported it to the Linux developers. Fortunately, the bug has now been marked as "confirmed" in January. We hope that the bug fixing will progress quickly so that eBlockerOS will run smoothly on the Raspi 3 again soon. We will update the forum and report in the newsletter as soon as we know more.

Crowdfunding with UE University of Europe
Last year our planned semester contribution with the university was frozen due to the Corona situation, this year we are starting anew. Currently we are developing a course together with the lecturer, in which about 20 communication design students will learn how to develop, execute and market a crowdfunding campaign. All of this using the practical example of a campaign for "eBlockerOS 3.0" 😊. With a little bit of luck, we will have everything together by fall to ignite the next development stage - also in the financing of eBlocker: A new crowdfunding campaign. We will keep you informed about the progress of the development.

Fed up with cookie banners?
Did you know that you can always just click "Accept all" on cookie banners when your eBlocker is active? Because eBlocker makes sure that nobody can track your data in the background. And if you want to avoid cookie banners (almost) completely, this forum post will help you. The cookie banner blocker list described there is already integrated in eBlockerOS 2.6 and can be activated easily.
An important tip: If you can't click away a banner because of eBlocker blocking, just pause eBlocker, reload page, accept banner, end eBlocker pause. Now you have access, but you are still not getting tracked... 😊

User base polls
As a privacy project, our main focus is the privacy of our users. Therefore, we neither have access to the eBlockers, nor do they "send data home" and we do not collect any other usage data either. By this credo we actually have zero knowledge about the usage of the eBlocker. In order to be able to make strategic decisions for the further development in the future, we would like to get to know you, dear community, better through anonymous polls. For this purpose, there is now a separate section in the forum and we would be very pleased about a lively participation. Everybody who participates helps to make eBlocker better. Thank you for your support!

Best regards from Hamburg
Boris, Christian & the whole eBlocker team
eBlocker Open Source UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
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22299 Hamburg


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