Q4 donation goal missed with 79%

After we have started the eBlocker Open Source project very successfully at the beginning of 2020 and just celebrated our first re-birthday, we were very confident to be able to cover the operating costs for Q4 through donations as well. Despite the continued solid growth of more than 1,000 eBlockerOS downloads per month, the donation income however fell short of the goal.

As of Dec. 31st 2020, we have only reached 79% of the target of €12,000, resulting in an accounting deficit of around €2,500. Despite the tight liquidity situation, we hope that we can still close 2020 with a “black zero” instead of a black eye. Through negotiations with licensors in particular, as well as with our tax consultants, we have succeeded in postponing the due date for payment of some invoices to 2021.

However, as this is only a postponement, it is now even more important that we can recoup the costs in Q1 2021 so that the continuation of the project is not jeopardized. We are highly motivated to continue the project on a voluntary basis, but we are not able to compensate possible deficits privately and would otherwise have to discontinue the project.

Therefore, we would like to invite all eBlocker users and everyone who would like to support our project once again to get involved in the continuation. Donors, sponsors but also voluntary supporters are very welcome. Only together we can continue our mission for a free and self-determined internet without data collectors.

Thank you for your support.

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