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Move tracker whitelist to general settings  


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From the dashboard, any user from any device can whitelist any domain.  I suggest moving this functionality to the settings Blocker section and became wide as the whitelists in parental control categories.

I have 2 reasons for this.

1. Only the "admin" should be able to configure this.

2. No regular user should be able to bypass settings


hope this helps 🙂 

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add 1) Setting of whitelistings on a child device should have no effect on sites that are blocked by parental controls.

add 2) Taking „pause“ or individual whitelisting away from adult‘s devices is calling for „family trouble“. I‘m pretty sure 99.9% of the users would not be happy with a more restrictive setting (i.e. not being able to whitelist, pause).

So from my personal perspective I see no reason to change the current dashboard behavior.

But maybe I misunderstood you. If so it would be great if you could reason your proposal with example use cases.


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Well of course I don't see this a critical issue, it's just a suggestion for usability.  I think that ff there is a functionality that wouldn't do what is expected by an unknown check (device user) it should be removed.  And if the parent device need to whistelist a blacklisted domain,  it can also use the pause functionality.


But as I said before, this is a non critical suggestion 🙂



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