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[Solved] youtube video planed?  



Is there any plan to produce a youtube-video how to built a Raspery-Pi (4) and how to install the eBlocker software?


Not from the core team. RTFM. It works.

@random Please be polite!!

@sikookis If you've followed the step by step instructions under "software / download" and feel like turning your learnings into a video, your contribution is appreciated. Or let us know where you fail at the step by step instructions so we can improve those.

1 Answer

There is really nothing to it, since there is really nothing to build if you have a starter kit PI!

Just transfer the software to the SD-card as described in the manual. Stick the card in the slot of the PI and turn it on after hooking it up to the router or switch.

Worked for me and a video would be of absolutely no help here!

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