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eBlocker and Google PlayStore  


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12/02/2020 11:27 am  


I use the eBlocker since one year. But I must take it offline because my mobile android phones and tablets dont can download on the the google play store. Also when I click in the browser in the normal google search to a advertising (CPC) the eblocker block the link. But I want to allow these links.

Can you say, want can I do to change this problem?



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12/02/2020 12:05 pm  

Hi Stephan,


when you open the on your device, you can pause eblocker for 5+ Minutes to allow the links.

So I do all the time, when something isn't working and adding Domains to the allow list is not working.

I also had a Problem with Amazon and Google as I added piHole as DNS to eblocker and added to much lists in pihole, which blocked to much.


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13/02/2020 10:21 pm  

We are a Google free zone, so this is just a guess: It's probably a certificate pinning issues with https traffic. Have you tried to enable Settings > HTTPS > Trusted Apps > Google? This would punch some holes into the protection for the worst data collector - but it might work (even though I would not recommend this if you take privacy protection seriously)

Otherwise I would suggest to record SSL errors while accessing playstore and add playstore error domains as an app.

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