10 Steps to Protecting Your Online Privacy

Restore your online privacy with these 10 steps! Unlike other media, such as radio, TV or print, on the Internet you are constantly leaving traces. Online trackers and advertising networks track your surfing behavior with pinpoint accuracy, on all the websites and devices you use. This data is used to create very private and even the most intimate personality profiles, which are often used to influence you.

Each click is recorded, so that it is possible to display individually tailored advertising on the Internet and assess your purchasing power. This is based on the compiled personality profiles.

Do you feel persecuted by advertising? That’s just the tip of the iceberg


Personality profiles are created on the basis of YOUR surfing behavior by so-called data collectors. Personally identifiable details are made about us.

They know where we live and work, who we are friends with and what we earn. They even follow our intimate details such as our religious and political opinions, our state of health and many other private and personal habits and interests.

To prevent you from creating a personality profile, we have put together 10 valuable tips you can use to protect yourself.

Stop profiling on the Internet


You can implement all these tools on every single device in your house or simply use the eBIocker.

eBlocker – The world’s first Plug & Play solution for anonymous surfing and child protection, on all devices.You simply connect eBlocker to your router and your privacy and family is protected. No matter which device you are using: PC, Mac, telephone, tablet, smart TV, PS4 or IoT. Without any Software installation. Easy setup for everyone, PIug-and-Play, and the system runs in just 5 minutes.

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