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Take back control

  • Protects all Internet devices: PC, Mac, Tablet, SmartTV, IoT, …
  • Blocks tracking & ads
  • Defends against malware & Internet dangers
  • Prevents harmful content to children
  • Provides anonymous surfing – even on the go
  • Free, open source and without backdoors
Intro for the commercial eBlocker – now free of charge

Are you also sick of being spied out by Google and Co. with every click you make?
Then eBlocker is made for you!
eBlocker is our answer to protecting your privacy, anonymity and personal information on any device.,
Christian Bennefeld, eBlocker co-founder

eBlocker is the world’s first plug & play solution for
anonymous surfing and parental controls on all devices.

Free, Open Source and without Backdoors

For everyone who wants to keep control of online traces and surf anonymously, we have developed eBlocker as a central solution protecting all devices

eBlockerOS is a software for Raspberry Pi, which is installed in minutes and turns the small computer into an eBlocker. The eBlocker is then simply connected directly to the router and serves as a gatekeeper to the Internet.

eBlocker anonymizes your IP address and disguises the identity of all network devices. It blocks trackers and ads, provides parental controls and prevents Internet threats – not just in your browser, but also in apps. And even when you are not at home, eBlocker protects you.

Thanks to intelligent pattern recognition and licensed malware filters, eBlocker works far more effectively than ordinary DNS blockers. It offers an excellent balance of user experience, privacy and parental controls and is very easy to use.

No matter which device you use – computer, tablet, SmartTV or IoT device – your behavior is analyzed, merged and compiled into profiles everywhere. The most intimate secrets become transparent and can easily be abused.

Daily Advantages

with two users

30% faster surfing

10.000 Ads & Tracker blocked

500 MB saved

Good to know

Our formerly with millions in venture capital developed technology now fully belongs to the community. eBlocker is absolutely free, open source and all expenses of the non-profit project are financed by donations. Everyone in invited to participate and we appreciate any support.

Surf protected instantly.

Install on Raspberry Pi.

Your eBlocker is self-built in minutes. Get a Raspberry Pi, install eBlockerOS on the SD card and get started.

Just plug it in.

eBlocker is plug & play and easily installed. Just connect it to your router and all devices are protected immediately.

Protected even on the go.

Your smartphone, tablet or laptop connects to your eBlocker even when you’re on the road. You now have full protection “to go”.

eBlocker against Data Leeches.​

Reliably protects all devices.

Prevents Tracking

Data collectors track your surfing habits on every website you visit and across all your devices. This creates accurate personality profiles that illuminate all areas of your life and are profitably marketed.

eBlocker analyzes the entire data traffic and reliably blocks all data collectors, data collecting ads and other Internet dangers.

Blocks Online Ads

Online advertisements and banners track you even without clicking on them. eBlocker puts a stop to this and blocks data-gathering ads before they reach your network.

So you can enjoy ad-free websites – and even ad-free apps – on any device. Without installing an ad blocker.

Anonymizes your IP Address

You can be personally identified by your IP address. Malicious lawyers, investigating authorities and hackers can easily find out who you are and what you have done on the Internet.

eBlocker encrypts your Internet traffic over a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or the free Tor network. This way, you get a new IP address, your old one becomes invisible, and you are anonymous.

The big plus: you decide individually for each device how and whether you want to anonymize your IP address.

Filters Dangerous Content

Criminals copy legitimate websites for password phishing and infect online advertisements with viruses and malware. They can harm you even if you only visit well known websites

eBlocker detects the scammers and automatically blocks harmful advertising and malicious websites. So you’re protected against malware and phishing on all devices.

Our partner Malware Patrol stands with its name for outstanding malware detection.

Blocks Sites Harmful to Minors

Even the youngest discover the Internet very early today. Forbidding everything or accompanied surfing is also no permanent solution.

Extensive parental controls allow you to block or share content based on pre-defined categories. Internet dangers such as file sharing, pornography or gambling are banned from children’s devices.

The highlight for the very little ones: The entire Internet is blocked and only access to certain websites is allowed. Unaccompanied surfing becomes a child’s play.

Protects Against Excessive Surfing

Children spend a lot of time online, often too many hours a day and sometimes at night.

With eBlocker, you can set surfing times and cross-device time quotas – individually for each child. But also suitable for “digital detox” for adults.

Provides Protection on the Go ​

Thanks to eBlocker you can connect your mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet and laptop to your home network even when you are on the road.

Enjoy full eBlocker protection – no matter where you are. At the same time, you can access your home media server just as easily as if you were at home.

Protects Smart TV and IoT devices

Smart TV sets that support hbbTV (Red Button) technology report every channel change to the TV stations. This allows broadcasters to profile your viewing habits and record exactly which scene you switch at.

IoT devices such as smart cameras, thermostats, light bulbs or media servers often send usage data to their manufacturers.

eBlocker protects against known trackers for both hbbTV and IoT devices. You can also set if and with which domains your IoT devices should share.

Together with the Community.

Why is eBlocker Free of Charge?

eBlocker is a market-ready, finished product that has been developed by the German eBlocker GmbH since 2015. The startup marketed eBlocker as a finished device and as software for eBlocker self-building. Due to an unsuccessful financing round, insolvency was unfortunately unavoidable and business operations were discontinued in 2019.

Former employees of eBlocker GmbH joined forces and took over the eBlocker technology from the insolvency administrator. With only one goal: to further develop eBlocker as an open source project together with the community. Without costly device production and with a focus on free high-end software for everyone.

Thanks to volunteer work, the project does not need permanent staff, expensive office space or high production costs. The low operating and maintenance costs are covered exclusively by donations.

All costs are transparent and you can donate or volunteer with us in the project.

Because of Great Donors.

Please note: Donor’s comments are not translated automatically.

Olaf Jordan

Statt 3 * 25 nun 75 im Quartal -> spart Kosten

Oliver Boss

Einfach nur Super. Danke dafür

Leonardo Curcuruto

DANKE! Konnte damit GeoBlocking umgehen und empfange wieder meinen Lieblingssender "Alternative Rock X" von 1.FM

Thomas Bauhan

Weiter so.

Roland Fehse

Danke für die engagierte Arbeit am eBlocker und den Einsatz für mehr Privatssphäre im Internet.

eBlocker DIY. Not difficult at all.

DIY eBlocker

With the eBlocker open source project we offer the free operating system eBlockerOS and a detailed instructions to self-build eBlocker. You can get individual help in our active community.

With a few technical skills, building an eBlocker yourself is very easy. You only need a few components for approx. $50-60: A Raspberry Pi mini-computer with matching power supply, an SD card and a network cable – and in a few minutes you have your own eBlocker ready.

After setup, your eBlocker automatically receives central updates and you don’t need to worry about anything. The funding for further software and filter maintenance is already partially secured. You can find out exactly where we stand with the current donation targets here.

Free Updates for all eBlocker Devices.

Commercial eBlocker device

You already got an eBlocker – no matter if DIY or a commercial device?

Then we will continue to ensure the safety of your eBlocker with this project. Just connect eBlocker as usual and you will get all updates for daily filter updates and security updates now completely free and automatically. As long as we receive sufficient donations to cover the operating costs, this will remain so in the long term.

If your previous eBlocker license has expired, you will automatically receive updates after entering license code “FAMLFT-OPENSOURCE“.

Of course we understand if you are an eBlocker Lifetime customer who doesn’t like to donate to this project again. However, it would be very unfortunate if our commitment doesn’t get sufficient support so we are unable to run the project in the long term. Our heart and soul is attached to privacy and parental controls and we are happy about every support.

We need your Contribution.

Our project needs your help. We would be very happy if you would like to support eBlocker with donations or volunteer with us.
With your support we can keep eBlocker free and safe for everyone.

About us.

Former employees (partly anonymous)

We are former employees of the discontinued eBlocker GmbH and an agile team of IT security specialists, data protectionists and privacy enthusiasts.

We want our vision of a free Internet without data collectors to live on. Therefore, we have voluntarily joined forces to bring eBlocker back as a non-profit project.

Independent of unpredictable investors and foreign interests, we continue to develop eBlocker together with the community with one goal in mind.

Everyone should use the Internet
self-determined and unobserved.

To achieve our goal, we have founded a new company, the “eBlocker Open Source UG”. It operates the technical infrastructure and handles the donations properly.

Since we run eBlocker on a part-time basis, the company does not need permanent employees or offices and therefore has low costs. All costs incurred must be covered by donations, and we do not aim for profit. Independence is important to us. Therefore we also reject investors and other shareholders on principle.

Answers to your questions.

You still have questions about the eBlocker open source project? You will find answers in the FAQs.

Christian Bennefeld

Co-founder eBlocker Open Source

Since the government doesn’t protect us, I volunteer as data protection activist for eBlocker and the protection of our privacy.

Boris Prinz

Co-founder eBlocker Open Source

I want to develop eBlocker together with the open source community, because security software must belong to everyone. My goal: Free digital self-defense for everyone.

April 2021: Good News
eBlockerOS 2.6 released & Q1 donation goal reached

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