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The eBlocker Open Source Project

Then we have the solution for all your devices:


completely free and without back doors
(for Raspberry Pi and eBlocker devices)

What is eBlocker?

eBlocker is the world’s first plug & play solution for privacy and parental controls on all Internet enabled devices. The technology has been commercially developed by the eBlocker startup since 2015 and offered both as software and as a plug & play device. Unfortunately the startup 2019 failed due to a financing round and business operations have been discontinued. But our privacy spirit lives on!

Privacy and Parental Controls Gateway for all Devices

Open Source and donation funded

We are a team of former employees of eBlocker GmbH and we believe that our work is important for our online society. Therefore we have developed this project based on a voluntary and part-time basis. Under new signs, we would like to revive eBlocker at low cost and without device production. Completely without investors, absolutely independent and only via funded by donations we want to continue eBlocker as a non profit project.

Our goal: Develop eBlocker further together with Open Source Community to offer it free of charge for everyone.

Check out all about the extensive eBlocker feature set on the website of the discontinued eBlocker GmbH. We will shortly summarize the most important points again on this new website.

Free Updates for eBlocker 2 Devices

Are you already using an eBlocker? Then we will continue to ensure the safety of your device with this project. Since the open source project has collected enough donations for Q1, we can now offer regular security updates and centrally managed filter lists – free for everyone.

However, a part of the previous filters of eBlocker 2 was commercially licensed at costs. Unfortunately, initially we can only provide filters from free sources to keep the costs low. Therefore, since January 1st 2020, the filter functionality is no longer 100% identical to the previous eBlocker 2. Once we receive sufficient donations, we will also offer this free of charge for everyone.

Of course we understand if you are an eBlocker Lifetime customer who doesn’t like to donate to this project again. However, it would be very unfortunate if our commitment doesn’t get sufficient support so we are unable to run the project in the long term. Our heart and soul is attached to privacy and parental controls and we are happy about every support.

Simply Build eBlocker Yourself

Single Board Computer

You can easily install eBlocker yourself and run it instantly. The user manual for do-it-yourself installation as well as the eBlockerOS images can be found here: eBlocker download

After installation, your eBlocker will automatically update itself. If we receive sufficient donations, your eBlockerOS will continuously get free security updates and all filter updates on a daily basis.

Our goal with this Open Source project is to provide the eBlockerOS software for self-installation and free daily filter updates for Raspberry Pi on a long term basis.

We need your Contribution

Our project needs your support to sustain on a long term. We would be very happy if you could donate for the project or would like to volunteer with us. Please donate in the right column for the current donation goal or contact us under if you like to contribute in any other way.

About us

Former employees and current supporters
(partially anonymized)

We are former employees of the discontinued eBlocker GmbH and have legally taken over all intellectual property from the eBlocker GmbH.

We want our vision of plug & play privacy protection and parental controls to come true for everyone and therefore have voluntarily joined forces to bring back eBlocker. Our project is donations and contributions funded, non profit and independent of unpredictable investors and foreign interests.

Everyone should use the Internet
self-determined and unobserved.

To achieve our goal, we have founded a new company, the eBlocker Open Source UG. This is the legal entity to operate the open source project, the technical infrastructure, to license commercial filter technology and administer donations.

The company works without permanent employees and office space and therefore runs at very low cost. All costs incurred need to be covered by donations, and we don’t go for profits. Independence is most important to us. Therefore we also reject investors or other shareholders on principle.

We happily invite everyone to support us – whether in technology development, administration or communication. We are looking forward to every contribution – and to active participation:

Thank you soo much for your support!

Christian Bennefeld

Co-founder eBlocker Open Source

Since the government doesn’t protect us, I voluntarily fight as privacy activist with eBlocker as well as for the protection of our privacy.

Boris Prinz

Co-founder eBlocker Open Source

I want to develop eBlocker together with the open source community, because security software must belong to everyone. My goal: Free digital self-defense for everyone.


The most frequent questions and answers about our project can be found here.

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