eBlocker Feature Overview.

The most important eBlocker features compared to the DNS blocker “Pi-hole”, which is also available for Raspberry Pi and often compared to eBlocker. eBlocker was developed especially for everyone who does not want to deal with the technology details. It is characterized by a very easy handling and can be connected via Plug & Play.

Pi-hole® 4
Protects all devices, operating systems, browsers & apps
Anonymizes IP address (included)
via Tor network (country selectable)
via VPN (OpenVPN compatible provider required)
Blocks trackers & ads
via domain name recognition (DNS)
via pattern recognition (Pattern)
Stops malware & phishing (via Malware Patrol)
Individual device cloaking (via user agent)
Integrated DNS firewall (partly)
Parental controls
Blocks prohibited websites (blacklist) (only for all devices)
Access to permitted website only (whitelist)
Define Internet times
Restrict duration (across devices)
“Internet off” switch
Individual settings (global only)
per device
per user (for all devices of the user)
No extra client software necessary
Home network access on the road (included)
Protects on the go (included)
Central filter & software updates *
Hardly any technical know-how required

* We can only provide the central software updates and filters if we receive sufficient donations.

We need your Contribution.

Our project needs your help. We would be very happy if you would like to support eBlocker with donations or volunteer with us.
With your support we can keep eBlocker free and safe for everyone.

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