Data Privacy Day

The DPD is annually held on the 28th of January and its primary goal is to generate awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust.

Many consumers do not fully understand how their information is collected, used and stored by the devices, apps and websites they use every day.

Online-providers track your surfing behavior across all devices and on every website you visit. This data is compiled into detailed personality profiles, which not only affect your privacy, but also include very intimate details about you. Information about your political view, your religious belief, your income or your health-status are completely revealed. Today, these personality profiles are not only used to target ads, but also bear significant disadvantages for you. For example, life and health insurances use your personality profiles to get information about your Illnesses and other risk factors. Banks use your profiles to score your creditworthiness when applying for a loan. This can result in higher rates or even a decline of your application. Personality profiles also contain information about the devices you own. Shops individually price goods according to your predicted purchasing power, derived from your profile. Surfing with an expensive mobile phone for instance can lead to higher prices, which makes you pay more than your neighbor.

But there’s an end of it: The eBlocker prevents trackers and tracking ads from collecting data about you. Instead of protecting every single device against trackers with individual tools, the eBlocker takes care of it all. The smart device is compatible with every internet-provider and supports all operation systems and browsers. It protects all your network devices at once –smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, smartTV, games console or your smartwatch. This sets eBlocker apart from traditional browser-plugins and tools against trackers and ads. No software-installation is needed. Simply connect it to your home network and your privacy is protected instantly.

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Regain control of your internet privacy.

Anonymous surfing has never been so easy.

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