DIY eBlocker using a Raspberry Pi

Do you like creating your own electrical projects? Have you purchased a Raspberry Pi and needed a project to try? Are you tired of your privacy being stolen from you on the Internet? Do you hate ads and ad trackers? Well, we have a project for you. You can download and try our eBlockerOS on your own Raspberry Pi device.

Before Downloading

Before we send you to the “Download” guide, we would like to explain the benefits of a network-level adblocker over traditional adblockers in the browser. The biggest advantage is that adverts don‘t even reach your devices, any of the devices in your home, PC, Mac, iPad, etc. This reduces the volume of data, the likelihood of malware infection from malicious advertising decreases, plus tracking of your browser activity is also blocked.
The eBlocker Controlbar, which is automatically appearing on every site you visit, gives you full control over the numerous features. With just a click you can route your web-traffic through the preconfigured Tor Client, or a VPN of your choice – individually per device. Configure it once and all your devices in your home network can benefit from the eBlocker.

The Bottom Line

So tech-savvy users, just download eBlockerOS for free today and instantly browse the web truly anonymously. You only require a Raspberry Pi or Banana Pi.

Important note
Please note that this article was originally published by the former eBlocker GmbH. The contents may be outdated. Today, eBlocker is free of charge and available as Open Source. Check out the new eBlocker Open Source Project.

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