eBlocker birthday celebration

Exactly one year ago we took over the “intellectual property” from the former eBlocker GmbH and started with the eBlocker Open Source Project. Today we are very proud of what we have achieved and especially of one thing: Our great community

After all, eBlocker is a community project, used by tens of thousands, supported by hundreds of donors and driven by almost 20 volunteers from all over Europe. Thanks to this great community, we were able to resurrect eBlocker from the “ashes of insolvency” and are thrilled that we are gaining new supporters every day.

This year we have achieved a lot and you can find everything in brief in today’s newsletter. We are very excited to continue our fight against the data giants and to stand up for the protection of our children and families with passion and commitment in 2021.

A big thank you to all who contribute to this. You are simply amazing!

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