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eBlockerOS 2.3

The Parental Control features of the eBlocker have been improved and extended last year. The only thing that was missing was the user friendly overview and simple operation for the individual settings. In the next weeks we will be able to provide you with the following highlights for eBlockerOS version:

  • For each child you can display an overview map with all Parental Control features in the dashboard. You can also check which child is currently online, how much surfing time is left, etc.
  • If you type in the age of your child, age-appropriate Parental Control features created by eBlocker automatically take effect (related to surf times, surf duration, black/white lists and periods with no Internet). You can change all settings at any time.
  • In the eBlocker settings, all Parental Control feauters are now clearly summarized on one page. Here you can set used devices, the maximum Internet time, the allowed times and the allowed or forbidden websites for children.
  • You can deactivate Internet access for each child by only clicking one button. It is also possible to grant bonus times, e.g. as a reward.

Our next milestone

We are working on improving the commissioning of the eBlocker. This includes the eBlocker App, which simplifies mobile access to the home eBlocker. In addition, we are working on other small applications for Windows and macOS that will help to add the eBlocker certificate in the respective certificate memory of the computer. Stay tuned.


Important note
Please note that this article was originally published by the former eBlocker GmbH. The contents may be outdated. Today, eBlocker is free of charge and available as Open Source. Check out the new eBlocker Open Source Project.

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