Events – Past and Future

Over the past weeks, we have been participating in various events, not only presenting our eBlocker solution, but also getting an award for our product! Here’s a rundown of where we’ve been and where you can find us next month.


April 11th eBlocker received the For..Net Award in Passau. This prize awards a company that implements their products under the premise of “Privacy by Design.” In other words, products that can’t help but protect data being processed.

April 20th Presentation of the eBlocker at the 11th ALSO Channel Trends + Visions (CTV) in Bochum. With around 4,700 visitors, CTV is one of the most important and largest trade fairs on the ITC channel. We have had numerous targeted discussions with specialist dealers and are pleased with the new orders.

May 2nd eBlocker was at the re:publica 2018 in Berlin. In time for the planned ePrivacy regulation, our CEO Christian Bennefeld informed a large audience about the dangers of creating and trading personality profiles and how you can prevent that.

We are looking back on exciting events and are already looking forward to the upcoming events. We’ll be exhibiting at CeBIT 2018 June 11-15., Hannover, speaking at the Data Protection Forum in London, June 5th and you can find us at CE WEEK in New York June 20 and 21. If you’re attending the shows, please stop by and visit, we would love to chat with you.

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