Newsletter, December 20th, 2016

Dear customers and prospective customers,

We would like to inform you about our latest developments at the end of 2016.

We have moved
More space, more comfort and right in the heart of Hamburg: On Friday the December 2nd we moved to Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 47. The move went very smoothly and we are back to work since Monday, December 5th.

Here are some impressions of our packing in our old office:

…and of our unpacking in our new office:

We are growing
With more office space, our team is also growing. Starting January 2nd 2017, we are happy to welcome Jan and Markus to join our team. Jan will be supporting our business development and the international sales. At the same time, Markus will be supporting our system administration and development team and he will ensure a smooth operation of our systems.

Development status
Thank you very much for the feedback and the numerous contributions for improvement. Especially your requirement for IP-anonymization by a commercial VPN-provider was mentioned very often. We have heard you and will be offering an alternative to the anonymization thru Tor. Once the implementation will be finished early in the New Year, all VPN-providers will be supported that work with the standard OpenVPN protocol.

Parallel to the implementation of OpenVPN, the development of the parental control features for the eBlocker family is also in full swing. With this feature you can prevent access to unwanted content for the devices used by your kids. With pre-defined categories you can control which content is not appropriate for your kids and add individual sites or exceptions. Furthermore, you can limit the access to the internet based on time. The parental control function is part of the eBlocker Family only and the final release is scheduled for mid Q1 2017.

New manufacturing- and injection molding partner
After numerous problems and delivery delays due to our manufacturing partner Tanne Kunststofftechnik, we have finally decided to terminate the partnership. Even after numerous attempts the quality and speed didn’t fulfill our measures.After this experience, we´ve decided to separate the injection molding and the manufacturing process. We are now operating with proven and well known experts in their field of business. With E & G Kunststofftechnik from Schleswig-Holstein, we have found a new competent and reliable injection molding partner that is already preparing the next batch along with further enhancements for the housing. The manufacturing and quality assurance will be performed by our long term partner SERU, who helped manufacturing the pre-series devices and takes care of the global logistics. Thanks to the “on demand” manufacturing by SERU, we can now deliver much faster, more reliable and with improved quality. We are looking forward to a prosperous collaboration with our new partners.

User manual updated
Following your requests, we have also updated our user manual.
Starting from now on, we are providing a clickable index and have also extended and improved our Glossary.. To support you even better, we have added a Tips & Tricks section to our user manual. For example, you now find improved tips how to integrate the eBlocker into your home network more quickly. We also provide new video-tutorials on our blog and will add more in future.
Please find the latest version of the user manual on our website under the menu “help”.

In summary we are looking back to a very successful year 2016. Thanks to your support, we have managed to develop a product and delivered it to more than 5,000 customers.
But we haven’t reached our goal yet and are already developing new features that we will provide starting early 2017. Please recommend and support us to develop the best privacy solution for the internet.

We wish you happy holidays and a great start into the New Year.
We are looking forward to a successful year 2017 together with you.

Kind regards,
Farena and the whole eBlocker team

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