Newsletter, July 20th, 2016

Challenges with new board and delivery date

Dear customers and prospective customers,

We would like to inform you about our latest developments.

Challenges with new board
In light of the previously reported technical problems with the new M2+ boards, we ordered 10 boards from our production in advance to get a final quality assurance. During the tests, we found out that individual boards in 2-3 % of cases do not boot properly immediately after a cold start (15 minutes without power). The error, however, can easily be fixed by a new startup, which is usually always successful. The cold start problem can be fixed by a future software update and we work very closely with SINOVOIP, the manufacturer of the boards, to optimize the operating system side software-support.

To deliver flawless products, we have agreed to add a quality assurance step with our manufacturer. Each eBlocker is manually tested again and only devices that have passed the test will be approved for delivery. To improve the stability and durability of eBlocker even more, heatsinks are applied on the processor during the manufacturing process.

Due to the additional quality assurance and the application of the heat sink, the delivery will be delayed by 1-2 weeks. Our production and logistics partners have assured us that all pre-ordered eBlocker devices can be delivered at the end of August.

Quality assurance of our batch

Software development and quality improvement
Despite the problems with our boards, we have made good progress with the software development. For example, we have improved compatibility to native apps and extended administrative functions for licenses. As a result, licenses can be transferred from one device to another and updates of “1 – year licenses” to “LIFETIME licenses” will be possible shortly. This move reflects the wish of many customers and we also provide upgrade licenses of “1 year,” to “LIFETIME” on preferential terms from mid-August.

IFA Preview
We will present the series eBlocker at the IFA in Berlin (2.9. – 7.9.) for the first time and are currently preparing our booth. While attending the IFA PREVIEW event (a press preview of the exhibition highlights) we got a lot of positive feedback – and we are especially happy about our eBlocker having received the PREVIEW Award from the journalists. Thanks a lot for this 🙂

Kind regards,
Farena and the whole eBlocker team

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