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At eBlocker we are always excited to read a new product review about our solution. There dozens of places on the web where you can scan all the specs and read about every feature of our solution, but it’s more helpful when you can read an in-depth product review. These reviews explain what our solution is trying to achieve, how it could potentially address your privacy needs and how it can be useful for your lifestyle.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite English language reviews from around the web.  You can also find dozens of Germany reviews here, if you want try using a translator.


eBlocker protects you and your privacy.

One technology hot topic that has really made headlines in the past few months is the concept of internet privacy. Back in March, the U.S. government passed legislation that broadened what they have the ‘right’ to see about your Internet traffic. In our household, we decided that we did not want our data shared, so we opted to use a VPN service called Private Internet Access. This type of service is great for people who use mobile technology frequently, but even it has its limitations. If you have a lot of devices online at one time, you can only protect certain devices and not all of them. That’s where a device like the eBlocker comes in handy.

Restore Privacy

Restore Privacy – 5 out of 5 Rating

Great in-depth and highly detailed review discussing the pros and cons of the device.  This article is excellent at describing the many features of the product and their benefits, the solution alternatives and how to setup the device.

As the article describes: eBlocker earned a perfect 5 out of 5 rating in this review. It’s a device that will be useful to anyone – regardless of their technical background. It’s simple and easy to setup, but also provides advanced settings and customizable features.


eBlocker is e-Xciting!

I am very impressed with the innovative nature of this product and I’m excited to finally see an appropriate response to the ever-increasing lack of privacy we experience online. Evidently, world governments do not seem to care about our rights to privacy online, so the team behind eBlocker took it into their own hands. As more and more people join the internet privacy movement, they will look for options to help alleviate concerns about their online presence. eBlocker is poised to become the go-to for privacy-oriented consumers in the modern world.

iPhone Life

eBlocker Provides Invisible Protection and Security

There are free alternatives if you are tech savvy, and updates for this device are not free after the first year. However, the eBlocker Pro (or the eBlocker Family, which allows parental controls, etc.) can be an easy way to lock down your devices.

PC Magazine

‘Our focus is to increase the privacy levels of the user, not to harm the publishing industry,’ eBlocker says.

While there are plenty of other solutions that promise to block trackers and spoof IPs, one of eBlocker’s selling points is that it’s very easy to set up; the little white box just needs to occupy a spare Ethernet port on your router, plug it in to the power outlet, and it’ll get to work in a matter of minutes, covering every device connected to your router.

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