Safer Internet Day 2017

Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year on the second day of the second week from the second month and thus today at the 7th of February. Due to online-providers that track your surfing behavior across all devices and on every website you visit, it is important raise awareness about the importance of respecting privacy. Just like the Data Privacy Day, the campaigns goal is to raise awareness about the importance of respecting privacy on the internet.

Having access to the Internet is getting easier and easier thanks to smartphones, tablet computers and smart TVs. Therefore it is getting even more difficult for parents to protect children and young people from dubious content.

With a click on Parental Control in the eBlocker settings, you have access to this feature:

We support this campaign: The eBlocker Family’s Parental Control function can now easily protect the devices used by your children for e.g. from accessing adult content. You can determine which content is not suitable for your children by predefined categories. In addition, you can also define time slots for access to the Internet. Instead of protecting every single device against trackers with individual tools, the eBlocker takes care of it all. The smart device is compatible with every internet-provider and supports all operation systems and browsers. It protects all your network devices at once –smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, smartTV, games console or your smartwatch. This sets eBlocker apart from traditional browser-plugins and tools against trackers and ads. No software-installation is needed. Simply connect it to your home network and your privacy is protected instantly.

To support and celebrate Safer Internet Day, we offer you a special discount of $25.

This discount voucher is valid up to and including the 8th of February.

Visit our shop and save $25 with the coupon “2017sidho” with your eBlocker purchase.

Regain control of your internet privacy.

Anonymous surfing has never been so easy.

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