Shake Off Trackers: Turn Off Personalized Advertising

German Chancellor Merkel summed pretty much everything up with her quote “Once you buy something on the internet, you’re being chased!” (Quote from the 5th of Nov. 2014) Do you know this feeling? You are looking for a pair of shoes, rummaging around an online shop, for example Zappos – and there you have the whole internet full of Zappos ads that accurately show the products you have been interested in. Most major websites track the behavior of their visitors and sell this data or pass it on to other companies. We’ll show you how it works and how to turn off this personalized advertising.

Websites Track Visitor Behavior

Almost every major website tracks the behavior of its visitors and collects that data, which is then often shared with other companies.  This interest-based data can be used to show you tailored advertisements for products or services.

The culprits are the now known “cookies”.  Although cookies can be deleted in the browser with just a few clicks, but what they have already communicated to whom or what other cookies continue to log the user remains unknown.

Google Tracking

Turn Off Personalized Advertising – In Minutes!

The fact is: Anyone who wants to protect himself from tracking is on his own.  There is no cookie law – and this is where the eBlocker comes into play .

The eBlocker’s simple plug-and-play feature lets you turn off personalized advertising within minutes.  In addition, the protection of your privacy is guaranteed.  Useful cookies that are required for the function of a website are not blocked by the eBlocker – for example, those that store the inventory of the shopping cart in the online shop.  On the other hand, a cookie that only analyzes user behavior, ie collects interest-based data, is blocked.  A positive side effect: The blocking of advertisements and cookies leads to a much faster construction of Internet pages, since only content is loaded.

The eBlocker is exactly the right choice for Mrs. Merkel to prevent personalized advertising and continue to buy shoes in the net undisturbed.

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