Welcome DSGVO/GDPR – the Challenges Continue

The DSGVO / GDPR Rules Change a Lot – But The Tracking Remains

It was desired, it was feared – now it is finally here, from here on the DSGVO (data protection basic regulation) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) the new data protection laws in Europe are in effect.

The positive news, in many respects now users and companies must adhere to a uniform standard. But on the negative side, nothing changes with the infamous tracking!

Whether consumers are surfing, using apps or generally networked devices, they always leave traces of data – and these are often used by trackers to bombard visitors with personalized advertising. So why does nothing change despite the DSGVO / GDPR regulations?

We Need A Tougher Law!

Just last April, German supervisory authorities demanded explicit consent to tracking, unfortunately without success. The so-called German e-privacy regulation is part of the DSGVO and refers specifically to tracking. But instead of allowing it to enter into force together with the DSGVO as planned, it will be further postponed.  Despite several requests from the Bavarian LDA (Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht) and others, the responsible authorities took cover and ditched the requests.  Ensured by the data lobby, which is constantly torpedoing the EU draft, it will be some time before the stricter tracking and user profiling rules take effect.

A Clear and Practical Guideline for the Industry, Not Happening?

Until then, the often disliked cookies remain, which diligently collect data and constantly force users to press “OK” (often not really knowing what they are OK’ing into).  Those who want to protect their profile data from trackers and hoped for the new and better data protection regulations or authorities will be very disappointed.

Now: Digital Self-Defense

The user is really still on there own, with a little know-how, users with Tor browsers, VPN services, tracker and adblocker plug-ins can defend themselves against data tracking while surfing the Web. Unfortunately, with apps, Smart TVs, game consoles and IoT devices, even the most experienced techie is often not fully protected. The only solution, a central network device, such as the eBlocker, that protects all devices in the network – even mobile. “Switch on Privacy” is the motto and the reviews are in, this is an ideal solution. More about the eBlocker and the reviews.

No Tracking On eBlocker Website Without Your Consent

eBlocker is setting a good example, despite the controversial tracking laws, starting immediately, none of our website visitors, who do not explicitly agree, will be tracked.

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