What brought me to eBlocker


I am Boris Prinz, co-founder of eBlocker. At my first programming job I worked on a code base started by my friend and eBlocker co-founder Christian Bennefeld and his colleagues. It was written in Perl and ran on Sun workstations which made an incredible noise in the server room. This was 1999 at TC TrustCenter, a security services provider now part of Symantec.

We were worried about our web application processes eating 20 MB of precious web server memory. Executing the Perl code for every page hit took well over a second.

Today you could probably get the same performance out of a Banana Pi M2, a single board computer that is slightly larger than a credit card,has no cooling fans and uses less than 10 watts of power.

Performance has become so cheap on both the server and the client that a website can contain over a hundred resources like images, JavaScript files and style sheets and still be rendered in a fraction of a second.

But there is a downside: a website can also contain many trackers without you being aware of it. After Christian talked to me about his eBlocker idea I installed a browser plug-in that showed me the trackers. I was shocked that my favorite sites I visited daily used up to 20 different tracking services. Until this day, I was not aware of the mass surveillance taking place on every site. Being a software developer, I had an instant vision how this can be stopped and Christian and I joined forces to build eBlocker.

Thanks to the computing power of today’s single board computers, we don’t need Sun workstations to deliver a comprehensive privacy solution to stop tracking without our consent.


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