Please check out the English help page (or the German Hilfe) first before posting.

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[Sticky] READ ME FIRST before posting in the forum  


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11/01/2020 12:45 pm  

Please check out the help, FAQs and knowledge base before posting here (see above the forum).

The forum language is English only. Posts in other languages can not be approved. Please use a translator like in case of doubt 😉 

With your post please always report

  • Hardware you use for running eBlockerOS
  • eBlockerOS version as well as filter lists version
  • eBlocker network mode (auto, individual or expert)
  • eBlocker network settings (IP, mask, gateway)
  • eBlocker DNS firewall settings
  • Client network settings (IP, mask, DNS, gateway)
  • Whether eBlocker’s https integration is enabled for client 
  • Client browser and OS version (i.e. FireFox 80.1 running on macOS 13.4)
  • Exact way or a link / screenshot to reproduce the issue
  • If VPN or Tor is enabled for the client in eBlocker (and which VPN provider you are using)
  • Please use a meaningful title & description other users with same issue would enter as search term

Please understand that we can not answer technical questions without this information.

Please do not post eBlocker diagnosis reports unless requested (we‘ll supply a specific email if that‘s necessary).

Thanks very much for your contribution!

PS: Important work-around to upload multiple screenshots/documents: Upload the first file and post. Then edit the „old“ post. Upload next file & post again. Repeat this as often as you have files to add. Sorry for the inconvenience - it‘s a forum‘s software „feature“ which we can not fix. 

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21/10/2020 9:08 am  

As many support questions can easily be solved if we get the above infos I want to make clear, that with the core eBlocker team we will not answer a question anymore if the above is not supplied. Otherwise it‘s to time consuming to ask for every parameter in a back and forth ping pong - which makes everyone unhappy.

Thanks much for your understanding and cooperation!

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