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[Solved] eOS 2.4.8 / 2.4.10 update for "white cube" eBlocker - in preparation for eOS 2.5  


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14/08/2020 6:28 pm  

Tonight all white cube eBlockers will be updated to eOS 2.4.8 if automatic updates are enabled. Otherwise you can manually update (settings>license&updates>update>check now) any time.

This update is the preparation for the upcoming major eOS 2.5 upgrade we've been working on for the past 8 month. It does not contain any other changes but is mandatory for the upgrade.

We'll inform all users by newsletter once the public beta starts (hopefully next week).

Final eOS 2.5 upgrade release will take place after public beta - and we are targeting end of August for this (subject to change if there are major issues... of course).

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18/08/2020 7:51 pm  

Brief update: We are currently experiencing a major issue (sudden crashes/reboots) on the white cubes that needs to be fixed before we can open for public beta. Therefore we wont start the beta this week unfortunately.

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21/08/2020 7:11 pm  

Please check out the eOS 2.5 development status here

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16/10/2020 11:43 am  

eOS 2.5 has been released. Please follow the instructions there.

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