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[Solved] eBlockerOS 2.5 available for all devices

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We've finally released eOS 2.5 for all devices. 😎 🤩 😀 (Release Notes)

Thanks to the community for the great support and @bpr for his great work!

To upgrade "white cube" eBlocker from eOS 2.4.x:

  • Make sure your device is at 2.4.10 (prerequisite for upgrade)
    • Settings>License & Update>Update>Manual update>Check now
  • Go to Settings>License & Update> Start upgrade
  • Wait for ~30-60min
  • Done (old settings are automatically taken over)


To upgrade Raspberry & Banana Pi from eOS 2.4.x:

  • Save settings (Settings>System>Reset>Save Settings)
  • Download new SD image & install
  • Restore settings (Settings>System>Reset>Restore Settings)
  • Note: Not all the settings are saved/restored. You might need to verify / reconfigure.


To upgrade any eOS 2.5.x (beta):

  • Update will automatically applied
    • Otherwise use Settings>License & Update>Update>Manual update>Check now
  • All settings are taken over automatically


Please post bugs (things that have worked in 2.4.x but stopped working in 2.5) here.

If you are new to eBlocker and have not used 2.4 before, please open a new thread in the Bugs & Issues forum, as it's probably not a 2.5 bug but something else.

Thanks much!

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