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Error in eBlocker 2.5.1  


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22/05/2020 9:38 pm  

[translated with DeepL]

Hello, everyone,
here is a RaspberryPi 2 with eBlocker 2.5.1 in operation, the client is a Windows10 computer.
Immediately after calling the dashboard, a small preview of a pie chart appears for a short moment in the Blocker Statistics field, which is supposed to show the pages blocked so far. Very shortly afterwards this display switches to the view as shown on the attached screenshot. The field for the graphical display remains empty, all other entries show zero activities, but the Blocker Statistics (Total) shows a whole range of activities; unfortunately, the time indicated there is not correct.

What is wrong and what do I have to do to get my eBlocker working correctly?

Many thanks and best regards.

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23/05/2020 8:59 am  

Sounds if eBlocker‘s time is not set correctly. This can cause any unwanted behavior so you want to check & fix this first.

Reboot eBlocker (settings>system>reboot). After reboot go to settings>system>events and check the time (it reads for reboot) in the event log.

If time is off, make sure your eBlocker has full internet connection (no ports get blocked by router/firewall). Then shutdown, disconnect power and reconnect. Time will automatically be set if eBlocker has full internet access.

As you mention Raspi 2: We are all on Raspi 4 and haven‘t tested Raspi 2 before. If memory is 1Gb or less I would suggest upgrading for a smooth experience and full bandwidth.

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