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Running out of money 😉  


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07.02.2020 13:17  

On my iPhone SE with iOS 13.3.1 i use an app called Van Lanschot Betalen. Van Lanschot is one of the Dutch banks i’m using.

After the app starts, it shows a window “Old version; Update or Leave”. Of course the app works normal if eBlocker is paused on my iPhone. So, i ignited eBlocker/settings/https/manual_recording for the device iPhone and tried to catch the villain, but to no effect. Got the message “Found 0 new connections”.

Tried the same thing recording on the iPhone itself; same result.

Good ideas?

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07.02.2020 18:18  


the thing is with IOS that the App needs to be shutdown for new connections to rebuild.

Another Trick is to visit your banks page and whitelist the URL your Bank uses.
This should do it - You can also shutdown one after the other until it breaks and use only one. 😉

Best regards

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08.02.2020 04:03  


Hi Eli,

Adding the domain to the eBlocker whitelist didn’t help.

Stopped eBlocker on my iPhone, started the app AdGuard Pro and found in the list of DNS-requests. After including this address in the whitelist, there was peace between the vanLanschot-app and the eBlocker.

Thank you for your help. Rob


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