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[Sticky] "SSL Certificate Expired" eOS 2.4.5 message when visiting a website  


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02/06/2020 5:23 pm  

To all users of eBlockerOS 2.4.5
(eBlocker 2.5.x beta users are not affected!)

Due to a bug (s. here for details) you might be getting a message when visiting a website via https. In very rare cases your eBlocker will show a message "SSL Certificate expired on: ..." although the website's certificate is still valid.

The good news: The bug is fixed in eOS 2.5.x and we recommend all Raspberry Pi users to upgrade (using a fresh install from here) to eOS 2.5.x beta.

The less good news: The update for all commercial eBlockers (white cube) to eOS 2.5.x is complicated and not yet ready.

As a workaround you can simply add the individual website certificate to the exemption list. All trackers etc. will still be blocked as usual. The exemption is necessary so general communication with the website is possible. Once the bug is fixed you can remove all exceptions again.

To the technically sophisticated user only: You might want to add all exceptions to a trusted app that can be easily disabled once the update is out.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. We are working hard to get it fixed for everyone asap.

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