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eBlocker running in VMware or Docker  




I would like to run the eBlocker in a VMware or Docker version.

Is that possible ?

Greeting Dalle

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We had an internal project called "eBlocker Desktop" where we installed eBlocker in a VM succesfully. It worked in general but we had issues binding the network adapter correctly after restarts - if I remember right (I'm not a programmer).

We finally gave up on the idea to focus on a low engery "always on" device rather than a power consuming PC. But I would guess that some talented developer can take this further...

The core eBlocker code is in Java running on Linux - so it can be ported quite easily to other platforms.  



it would be fine to have an eBlocker docker image für Raspberry pi (armhf).

So it could be used without extra hardware besides other security docker containers (reverse proxy, and so on).


Thank you






I‘ve consolidated all threads on docker/vm here and merged your post in the „all in“ thread.


a docker image is a nice feature 🙂 




Yes, i think it is possible. I try to built an ISO-File from the installationfile. The attemps that I try failed at the moment. A Raspberry installation on VMWare works fine.
If I have a solution, I'm going to post it here.

I hope you can understand my english it is not so good.



May this installationguide is helpfull for try & error 🙂

best regards


I would like to run eBlocker as a virtual machine.
Has anyone done this?
Is it even possible?
If it is not possible, will it be possible in the future?


VM ist good, better and more simple may be a Docker-Image, to use it in a Synology DSM.


Is there any installation script or release or manual how to install eBlocker. Compiling from source seems not to be the solution. So I would like to build the image.




We'll be providing more documentation shortly how to build the image for Raspi4 (once the update for debian buster is finnished). Then one can take it from there.

Hi, any news on that?

@knex666 As always with software development: writing documentation is not everyone's favorite. We've rather focused on getting the 2.5 release ready so far - but docu is on the list... 😉

If you'd like to join the team to contribute, we are happy to set you up on how things are bundled together. But I have to say it's pretty complex and rather for hardcore developers than for people with a basic tech background (like myself). Unfortunately there is no "make install" but deeper Chef and other component knowledge required to build an image...

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