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Feature request: Encrypted and validated DNS via DNSSEC


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Just an idea for a bit more privacy: The eBlocker could use DNSSEC to serve domain name resolution. Unbound cloud manage this as an additional local DNS resolver that delivers queries to DNSSEC aware public resolvers like We would also benefit from validated DNS replies.

This sounds a really good idea. Either DNSSEC or DNSCrypt would be good extra options 🙂

DNSCrypt has the advantage of allowing any DNS server to become "DNSSEC-able". 😀


Sounds great! If you are the expert, move forward and implement it 🙂

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I absolutely support the secure DNS feature request.Protection against eavesdropping and tampering are just the next logical step to protect our privacy and stop sophisticated malware attacks.

I prioritize security & privacy features above reporting/logging/UX improvements.

I just wanna push this great idea! 🙂

would be great if it’s possible to use a secure dns with doh, dot or Dnscrypt 

thank you!

@johann0815 Personally I don't like to get pushed 😉 If you wanna push it: just implement it. eBlocker is a community effort and open source. So I'm looking forward to your pull request - not pushing 😜 


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