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Feature request: Status Display  




another option, to connect a status display like OLED SSD1306 to connect to raspberry.

Show information like ip, cpu, ... 🤩 





Some series of the eBlocker 2 had a custom LED build in (based on GPIO) that is supported by eBlockerOS already. This shows the status with different color coding & blinking. I.e LED blinks white while updating, blue when booting, orange when active & protecting etc.

Maybe we can leverage this code and/or publish the electronic layout (made by an eBlocker partner).


Thanks for this information.
Which GPIO Port are this on a raspberry pi?


As I mentioned, this LED kit was made by a partner and we are all software guys. Unfortunately we have no clue about electronic details - but you‘ll see the code for driving the LED shortly 😉
If you are into hardware, I‘happy to send you a LED kit to check it out and share your insights with the community. I have one(!) left to share.

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