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Hide ALL ads (even those that are not blocked)


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eBlocker was not designed as a general ad-blocker and blocks third party tracking ads only - today.

First party ads as well as other (not blocked) ads can be hidden by CSS - similar to what some adblocker plugins do. Of course this trick is not improving privacy but clears visibility only.

If you feel eBlocker should implement CSS ad hiding to hide all/most ads, please vote for this feature.


I think it is a good feature, when you can switch it off or on for individual needs.


It looks a good idea, but I believe this is already supported by adding custom blocking lists? , for example, is totally compatible with eBlocker. It's community based and open source.

We could definitively investigate what's the easiest/best approach for doing so 🙂

@ovflowd We use easylist (as well as others) for blocking outbound requests only - but not for element hiding (= introduction of CSS into the loaded page). That's why I've added this feature request 😉

Sounds like a plan! 👀

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@benne are there any news for this request?

I would really like to see element hiding for eBlocker. Please do it!



We are currently working on getting the commercial eBlockers (white cube) upgraded and fix know issues in eOS 2.5.x first.

Unless someone from the community picks up this feature request, I fear it will take a while still.

Nevertheless, among the other open and highly voted feature requests this is probably the easiest to implement. So chance is good this might be coming as a next big feature... 😉 

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Once we implement this feature, we can probably hide the annoying cookie-banners as well. See here for my current trial:

If you are unhappy about cookie-banners: please up-vote the feature request (click arrow up on the main / first posting)

Thanks much.



I would love to see this feature in near term future.



Would not request it, but would certainly not say ‘no’ to implementation.



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