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Website logo with or without claim?  



The idea came up to change the logo in the upper left on the website.

What's your choice?

Pls chose by voting for the two alternatives. (No claim changes please 😉)


4 Answers

Vote here to keep the logo as is (without claim)


Vote here to change for


I cloud imagine that it will be "eBlocker Switch on Privacy".

Because in my opinion it will give people an idea what eBlocker does.

👍 👍 👍 





Please click Arrow up at the answer you like best to count your vote. Sorry, that's not obvious - but does the trick I hope 😉

Thanks I found it

@Benne - I voted against the Logo with "switch on privacy" - Out of the following reason:

eBlocker wording has the "R" and the motto or claim with the logo looks strange because of the "." at the end.

That part can be inserted on Presentation, Product placement or Instructions - The logo at the navbar should stay as is!

Example: Pi-hole - Kaspersky - Sophos and allot more...

Other Example it no trademarking with a logo that is compact: Datev - GData 

The what is that logo for is already on the huge Donation/Explanation Page.




switch to privacy



@Benne said "No claim changes please" for a reason. Please stick to this. There are trillions of images and collateral materials to change with a claim change. No way, sorry.



@random is right. No claim change. Please take it literally. The question is about the logo on the website only - and I feel like we leave everything as is - counting the votes.

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