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[Solved] IPv6 support  



Today eBlocker supports IPv4 only. For most home networks this is just fine (if one disables IPv6 stack on router/clients).

In future IPv6 support is needed to protect IPv6 or IPv4/IPv6 mixed networks was well.

We had started IPv6 implementation and it's about 80% (?) finished. This needs to be taken to 100% 😊 

Vote for this feature if you feel IPv6 is important for you.

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We've started a fundraising for IPv6 implementation (German only) as the feature is very complex which needs about a full-time men-month to implement.

If you feel IPv6 is necessary for you, please consider donating.

If you are a developer who wants to contribute to IPv6 - please get in touch voluntary (at)



we need IPV6 support for eBlocker ! asap 🧐 




Yes, as I mentioned earlier in the forum this is mandatory for MacOs and iOs devices. They will automatically use IPV6 when they don't find an IPV4 DNS resolution: eBlocker then is worthless...

@valentin Absolutely right, we need this feature as soon as possible! Fingers crossed that this feature is comming soon...


I would like to see this feature too. I do have a IPV6 only wan connection. The IPV4 is CGN. From outside I can only connect via IPV6 to my home.

@benne do you still have the source code of your work, or can finish it ?

Any news on this topic, it's important

@mcmarius11 All the code is on GitHub. This includes the code for IPv6, I'd guess.

@all We've discussed IPv6 in our team meeting this week: To finish IPv6 it's probably more than a month full time work. But unfortunately none of the team members can spend "full time work" as we are all in full time jobs already. Solution is a crowdfunding or a sponsor to fund a talented developer to get this finished. Otherwise I'm personally not seeing this feature coming any time soon. 

From a privacy perspective IPv6 is a nightmare. Independently from an implementation in eBlocker, I'd always recommend to disable IPv6 in your router.

@andreas-vieringme-com My provider (Kabeldeutschland/Vodafone) was able to switch on IPv4 for WAN connection so I can use eBlocker Mobile. It's just a call and free of charge. Maybe your provider is as flexible too?


@Benne I do understand that it is a lot of work to implement IPV6 to eBlocker. I do understand it is impossible for your team to implement it. Do not worry, you all do a great job. It was just a wish.

I had a static IPV4 adress till june, then I was told by Deutsche Glasfaser that they will remove static IPV4 addresses for all non business accounts. There will be no chance to get the static IPV4 back.

Now I have a static IPV6 adress and a IPV4 with CGN, with this IPV4 I can not reach my home lan.

I now connect to my home lan with IPV6 and openvpn, running on a raspi 4.

I can do everything on my home network, only internet traffic is not controlled by the eblocker when I am connected from outside. No idea, till now how, to solve this. 


@andreas-vieringme-com I'm not too deep in OpenVPN config, but you might just need to set the default gateway to eBlocker when you are connected to your LAN (and of course make sure that all internet traffic is routed thru your LAN).

With eBlocker's standard OpenVPN config file as an example (where the discussed routing is configured properly) you might be able to adapt this for your OpenVPN config?  


@Benne I will give a try and post my results.

Where can I get the mentioned config file? 

@andreas-vieringme-com Just enable eBlocker Mobile in the settings. Go to the dashboard ( Make sure the dashboard tile "eBlocker Mobile" is not invisible. In the eBlocker Mobile tile click "download". You get the OpenVPN file (for this particular device - that includes the authentication key).

BTW: The device (where you open the dashboard) needs to be enabled for eBlocker Mobile (so the tile is shown) - but this is the default anyhow.


@Benne thanks I will have a look at it in the next days

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