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IPv6 support  



Today eBlocker supports IPv4 only. For most home networks this is just fine (if one disables IPv6 stack on router/clients).

In future IPv6 support is needed to protect IPv6 or IPv4/IPv6 mixed networks was well.

We had started IPv6 implementation and it's about 80% (?) finished. This needs to be taken to 100% 😊 

Vote for this feature if you feel IPv6 is important for you.

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Yes, as I mentioned earlier in the forum this is mandatory for MacOs and iOs devices. They will automatically use IPV6 when they don't find an IPV4 DNS resolution: eBlocker then is worthless...

@valentin Absolutely right, we need this feature as soon as possible! Fingers crossed that this feature is comming soon...



we need IPV6 support for eBlocker ! asap 🧐 




I would like to see this feature too. I do have a IPV6 only wan connection. The IPV4 is CGN. From outside I can only connect via IPV6 to my home.

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