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[Solved] ssh/root access ?  


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23/05/2020 5:32 pm  


the eBlocker is now open source, i ask the question about the possibility of a ssh access! So what should be the problem?
Other systems like pi-hole, nems, nextcloudpi, max2play, moode also offer this. Should there be security concerns?
I myself have the responsibility for the system, that I have install!

Best regards, Carsten

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23/05/2020 6:00 pm  

Today eBlocker has no root/ssh access. So there is no password to share. Seriously.

In a team call we discussed the possibility to open eBlocker for root access a few weeks ago. We concluded (100% votes) that most semi talented engineers can gain access with the hint "use the filesystem".

For everyone else eBlockerOS stays as is - because we only see risks but no chances.

Background: eBlocker is strongly woven into the underlying linux. A minor change can have unpredictable effects. The more people make changes  the less supportable eBlocker gets - next to the efforts of implementing root access.

So take it as a little tech test: everyone is welcome to hack eBlocker to gain root access. 😎 

Please don't share a "how to" once you've made it, but rather join us in the core team for further development. You are very welcome 😀 😉 😎 


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23/05/2020 7:16 pm  


I am grateful for the answer, but i regret the content.

It's not about hacking eBlocker!

But it is as it is, i have asked and received an answer.

Thank you!

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23/05/2020 7:32 pm  
Posted by: @carstenfalconcrest-lippert-de

It's not about hacking eBlocker!

Well, that‘s the ONLY reason for root access: hacking. And there is nothing bad about hacking as we love skilled hackers 🤩 😎 

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25/05/2020 8:38 am  


And it is not to difficult to hack, if you follow the hint -> filesystem 🙂

I'vd done that myself in less than half an hour.

And from there it should be easy to script Backup/Restore or Export/Import things and read more information from the logfiles of the system.




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25/05/2020 7:09 pm  
Posted by: @carstenfalconcrest-lippert-de


I am grateful for the answer, but i regret the content.


Please note that there is also a security aspect: if we‘d enable ssh access by default, we would need to share a standard password. And this would make the system open for attacks if the user does not change it right away. Rasbian also comes with ssh disabled by default for this reason.

Best regards



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