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Run our Privacy Check page to learn what data your browser is sharing.

You’ve probably read that when you are surfing the Internet, you are leaving traces. But do you realize how much information you are giving away when you visit a site?
When you browse a webpage, online trackers on that website may be able to identify you – even when you’ve installed software to protect yourself.

We have created a demonstration page which does a privacy check. On this page, we show some examples of information we can learn about you directly – just by you visiting our site. The combination of these characteristics makes it possible to recognize you again with some probability. As a website operator, we could share this information with other website operators. This would give us the option to track your activity on the net over several pages and over a long period of time. This data can be accessed by any website without asking you for any permission. Most of the data points are data extractions and not be considered to be 100% accurate, but we think you’ll find in most cases they are pretty close. For example, the location may not be your town but probably close by.

It’s possible to configure your browser to obstruct tracking, but many people don’t have the expertise to set it up correctly. eBlocker is a solution for all your devices in your home network, once installed it can be set up to reduce or fake much of the data that is returned to the nosey websites or trackers who are spying on your visits.

By visiting our Privacy Check page you’ll see what data is known about you, you’ll also find some short videos showing how blocking tools like the eBlocker can mask this information. Enjoy and don’t be scared; we’re here to protect you.

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