Newsletter, May 18th 2016

We are growing, News from the development and uninvited guests …

Dear customers and prospective customers,

Very much has happened again and we are glad to present you a lot of information:

We are growing
Reinhard has started May 1st and he will strengthen our management around Christian and Boris as CTO to complete the management with technological know-how. In addition, our Software-Development team is growing as well: Jens has also started in May as developer in our team and he already supports with important features, such as SSL exceptions for certain Apps. And finally I may introduce myself: I am Farena and responsible for the communication. Hence, I am glad to introduce you our latest news today.

Two other colleagues for business development are already under contract and will support us starting July 1st. Thanks to our grown team we can now develop much faster for you and provide a better Support.

eBlocker OS for Banana Pi M2 +
As in April announced, we are currently working on adapting our eBlockerOS for the new Banana Pi M2+ Board as fast as we can. Unfortunately, the software support of the Banana PI M2+ manufacturer is still very rudimentary for certain drivers (i.e. WLAN), because this Board is still very new. However, in spite of many technical challenges we are still doing well in our development plan and assume that the production can start at the end of June, if no other problems arise.

eBlockerOS 0.9.1
At the end of April we already released a new, improved version of our operating system which in particular solves many bugs in the background. (s. Release Notes)
With the introduction of eBlockerOS 0.9 we have also finalized the SSL support for the standard browsers. Unfortunately there are many Apps beside the standard browser which are not yet optimally supported by the eBlocker. Currently we are working on developing exceptions for certain standard apps, so that all your apps will work as usual.

Unsuccessful attempted burglary at eBlocker
Thanks to your support, the demand for eBlocker is rising daily and we are very thankful and happy. Unfortunately, the desire for our eBlocker is apparently so big that someone tried to break in our office last week. Luckily the culprits couldn’t overcome our security measures and failed gloriously.

Fortunately, nobody has come to damage and we are all well. We take it with humor and are glad about the huge interest in our eBlocker … What remains is recognizing the fact how important it is to take care of your own safety – and not only on the web.

Take care 🙂

Kind regards,
Farena and the whole eBlocker team

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