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[Sticky] [known issue] IP- and MAC-address change after eOS 2.5 upgrade

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If you have issues reaching your eBlocker after the eOS 2.5 update, please read on.

This issue ONLY affects users who are accessing eBlocker by a dynamically assigned IP address (from an external DHCP server/router) that is bound by MAC address (hardware address of LAN network adapter).

eBlocker users who assigned a fixed IP-address to their eBlocker or where eBlocker is the DHCP server (eBlocker's manual or expert network modes) are NOT affected.

You are also not affected if you use instead of the IP address! This is the recommended method to access eBlocker's interface.

If you are using MAC address blocking on LAN-level in your router, please disable the blocking and add eBlocker's new MAC address to allow network access. Then re-enable blocking. Please also check the following for details.

Background and fix

There is a know issue with eOS 2.5 regarding MAC addresses:

After the upgrade eBlocker's MAC address will change for sure. Unfortunately this is "a feature" of the underlying Linux OS and it can not be fixed by us.

The MAC address change might result in a change of eBlocker's IP-address, only if eBlocker's IP address is assigned by a DHCP server (a router for instance).

To fix the IP address change: Login to your DHCP server, release eBlocker's "old" IP address, reassign same "old" IP-address to eBlocker's new MAC address. Done.

If you are unsure which MAC address your eBlocker has, please use eBlocker's new IP address to get to the settings. Then use settings>devices and select the eBlocker from the list. In the "details" view it reads the MAC address.

In case you can not find the (new) IP address of your eBlocker, try the eBlocker iOS app for discovery or look it up in your DHCP server.

If you are still unsure, please read the FAQs for finding eBlocker's IP address here: Windows, macOS

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