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Android app for eBlocker setup

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Today we are supplying an iOS app for the initial eBlocker setup (next to the regular browser setup).

Now, we are unsure whether there is need for an Android eBlocker app for the setup too. So we like to hear your voice, dear community. 😉 

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an Android app would be 'nice to have'

Otherwise, it also works quite well via the browser.

What exactly is the scope of the app.

Can you also view and edit the HTTPS connection errors there?

That would be quite good.

I always have to go back to the PC to edit this, as it is not easy to see in the mobile browser.

Thanks for all the effort and many greetings,



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@qp1808 The iOS app just helps with the initial discovery of the eBlocker in case users have difficulties reaching the web front-end for configuration. There is no additional functionality besides this discovery feature.

If you have feature requests (like above) please describe them more in detail and post them in the Feature Request forum. Otherwise it will get drowned, I fear.



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