Donation goal for Q1 2021 reached

We are very pleased that our April Fool’s appeal for donations over Easter was successful. This means that 103% of the operating costs in the first quarter have been covered. We have already credited the 3% over the donation target for Q2, so we do not need to start completely from scratch. Nevertheless, there is …

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Q4 donation goal missed with 79%

After we have started the eBlocker Open Source project very successfully at the beginning of 2020 and just celebrated our first re-birthday, we were very confident to be able to cover the operating costs for Q4 through donations as well. Despite the continued solid growth of more than 1,000 eBlockerOS downloads per month, the donation income however fell short of the goal.

eBlocker birthday celebration

Exactly one year ago we took over the “intellectual property” from the former eBlocker GmbH and started with the eBlocker Open Source Project. Today we are very proud of what we have achieved and especially of one thing: Our great community After all, eBlocker is a community project, used by tens of thousands, supported by …

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eBlocker Icon mit Schriftzug eBlockerOS

eBlockerOS features coming soon

eBlockerOS 2.3 The Parental Control features of the eBlocker have been improved and extended last year. The only thing that was missing was the user friendly overview and simple operation for the individual settings. In the next weeks we will be able to provide you with the following highlights for eBlockerOS version: For each child …

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